Lion Football: The Incoming Class

Another year, and another strong signing class. Below is the full roster.

Player Breakdown-

By Position-










BY Region-

DFW/North Texas-25

Tyler/Longview/East Texas-4


San Antonio-1

Houston/Deep East Texas-11

Quick Notes: As usual, the Lion program poaches most of its high schoolers from its own backyard in DFW and North Texas. Something somewhat strange is there are no West Texans and only 4 East Texans. Houston was region number 2, as Bailiff had coached in that area, but this should not really surprise anyone that Bailiff would know heavily recruit his hometown and home area.

Two positions stick out out to me, we loaded up on receivers an playmakers for offense, and only signed one quarterback. On defense, we signed quite a few defensive skill players as well, which goes with what Bailiff preaches, “Have your playmakers make plays.”

Stay tuned as Russ and B.Minor will both be adding individual and composite profiles of some of the jewels of this new signing class.


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