# 15 Texas A&M-Commerce Lions-28, # 6 Tarleton State Texans-34—–5 Morning After Thoughts.

  1. First, I want to say to Tarleton and their fans, congratulations, you guys have a great football team and Todd Whitten has done nothing short of a great job in turning Tarleton State back around to being an elite LSC program. They went from a 6-5 Bowl team to a team that will be playing for the Super Region 4 Championship. We lost to a good team twice, and that happens sometimes.
  2. While not the storybook ending we hoped for due to the fact the National title was set to be played in our backyard, these guys played like Champions. They never gave up, and champions hold their heads high. Just about everyone thought the game was over to start the fourth quarter. It was far from over, and they kept slugging away until the very end, and that has to do with the attitude the coaches have put into the players. We have a lot to be proud of from this group. Was the season frustrating at times? Yes, but I will take 10-3 over most other outcomes.
  3. We have a golden group of Seniors. I want to point out Kristov Martinez. It was his leg that kept us in this game, he broke records both national and personal, and if there are any NFL scouts out there, you need to look into this guy because he is professional material. Also, regardless of the mindless political debates surrounding it, Kristov is the kind of player we want to represent our program. Talented and hardworking, moral fiber, good student, good teammate and great member of society. Put Garrett Blubaugh into that as well as Brucks Sathoff. They Leave Commerce as former AD Ryan Ivey said, “A championship ring on one hand, a diploma in the other.”
  4. A lot of people have asked me what they think the future of Colby Carthel in Commerce looks like. Since I have been asked to weigh in, I want to say this before; I have ZERO idea what might or might not happen, but first, I believe he will stay in Commerce for a long time because Carthel and Commerce go well together. However, do not think that he is not on the radar of some programs, because Colby Carthel is one of those coaches that knows his job very does and does it very well, and his body of work in Commerce speaks for itself. What he has done in 6 seasons is truly remarkable considering where the program was at just 6 years ago and what has happened now. Only Coach Carthel knows what he wants to do and where he wants to be when it is all said and done, but I do hope he stays a long time. Also, I want to throw props to the way of AD Tim McMurray and the entire athletic department. He is one of the best things to ever happen to Texas A&M-Commerce. His innovative and forward thinking ideas along with his business acumen have done wonders for all our programs but he has really created a great game day atmosphere, and he has a great crew around him to make gamedays, both home and away, great experiences. Tim, I hope you stay around for a long time. Also, I want to point out a group that does not get any recognition but should, and that is the alumni association ground workers. Stephanie Peebles-Fiorisi (a classmate of mine at TAMUC), and former Lion Basketball coach Sam Walker absolutely work their tales off and spend hours to give the alums a great experience either on the road, at home, or at watch parties.
  5. Finally, we will have a post mortem on the season to get more Football specific, but with what has been a good season, this team learned a lot this year. It learned how to squeeze out tight games when things were not going their way. With the recruits that redshirted and the JUCO transfers that will come over the offseason, we will make a run again next year I believe in a conference will get nothing but stronger. This team and school has a lot to be proud of, and we as fans and alums do as well.

Thank You to the Seniors-

Marquis Wimberly, Darrion Landry, Danny Huckaby, Brucks Saathoff, Josh Reynolds, Vincent Hobbs, Chase Pemberton, Darent White, Chris Smith, Reggie Kincaid, Ovie Urevbu, Tristen Slaughter, Peyton Searcy, Garrett Blubaugh, Malik Ellis, Jordan Smith, Daronte Shaw, Lorenzo Rosario, Kristov Martinez, Deionte Haywood, & Michael Onuoha. 

God Bless all of you Men and job well done.

We Are Lions.


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