Texas A&M-Commerce Lions-20, Texas-Permian Basin Falcons-17- 5 Morning After Thoughts.

  1. First, the defense played another fantastic game. They have saved this season multiple times, and the fact that we are even in the playoff picture is almost completely due to them. There was a drive or two where big plays let UTPB score, but shutting out the Falcons in the second half and letting them absolutely nothing. They won this game and if they had not played as well as they did, we would be hoping for an invite to a Bowl, and not for the playoffs.
  2. Special teams had some serious issues tonight. Kristov Martinez was blocked twice on field goal attempts and there was poor deep snapping. That is usually not an issue, but AT LEAST 9 points were left off the board because of the special teams, which is usually very reliable. An aberration? Perhaps, and there may be good reason for that, but we do need to have that figured out. Tristan Perry did punt very well, and our return game was effective again, giving the offense good field position.
  3. Offense……..oh man. It does not matter if it is Kane Wilson, Preston Wheeler, or a sack of cement is back there. There has not been a great pass blocking and it is part and parcel to the reason the passing game has been out of sync, but also there is just not a lot of comfort in the passing game that really either QB has been able to run things effectively. Wilson has been the better QB, but he has not been the silver bullet we hoped, but he is getting better every game. That being said, the running game saved us tonight, and Ovie Urevbu, thanks to great run blocking from the O-Line, has been FANTASTIC since he came back from injury. My gripes about the passing game aside, Kelan Smith had his best game and did very well last night, and Vincent Hobbs fought his way through double teams and was an impact guy tonight, which helped tremendously.
  4. The offense did have 400 yards total offense, but only scored two touchdowns. The offense left a TON of points off the board. Moved the ball well between the 20’s, and stalled in the red zone again. And again, and again. That is the biggest challenge to this team, finishing scoring drives in the red zone. Oh yeah, we also fumbled 4 times, losing 2 on turnovers. That has to be corrected.
  5. Angelo State is coming to town, and they are not easy to beat. Not now, not ever. We have to beat the Rams next Saturday to get into the playoffs. Senior Day, Military Day, final regular season game. We have to win this one to get to the playoffs. If that happens, the season starts all over again, and it is 5 game season from that point forward.

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