# 18 Texas A&M-Commerce-41, West Texas A&M-16-5 Morning After Thoughts.

  1. This was a total team win. Offense looked better, not explosive, but they were moving the ball much better than they had been in prior games. Kane Wilson did not need to throw for 400 yards, his 131 yards from 12/15 passing and 1 passing TD was more than enough. Ovie Urevbu had 118 yards on 20 carries and Carandal Hale chipped in another 89. The line paved some great lanes for a rushing attack to make headway, and it did just that.
  2. Defense played another fantastic game. West Texas A&M is NO PUSHOVER despite what some might think. Bear in mind, they knocked off a Central Washington squad that was ranked 13th in the country. They moved the ball pretty well, but the Lions kept them from being consistent in doing that, and while WT landed some big plays, the Lions forced some huge turnovers, including two strips that led to turnovers and a Dominique Ramsey pick 6. Again, props to Scott Power and his crew.
  3. Special teams……thank you so much for existing. The blocked punt was HUGE, Tristan Perry punted well again, Jake Viquez got into the act kicking two beauties of his own, while Kristov Martinez was gold as usual and became a record setter tonight. Ramsey was smart on his returns, and when West Texas tried to squib it, the upbacks did a great job securing the Football. The little things are starting to be made right, and that is a huge plus.
  4. To me, this was the best total team win we have witnessed all season, and I believe that while mistakes were made and points were left off the board, nothing critical as far as mistakes go, and there was a tremendous amount of positive energy from the entire team. They seemed to have gotten better and are starting to hit their peak.
  5. As I am writing this, Midwestern may have beaten Tarleton. That may or may not be a very bad thing for us, but at this point, we have two games left. You can make another big time statement against Texas-Permian Basin and knock off a competent Angelo State squad and rest your case there, and that should be good enough to please the powers that be. Two losses to two ranked squads, where both games were in question heading into the fourth quarter should give the voters all they need to get us back into the playoffs. We have to control what we can control, and that is to just…………”Win Baby, Win.”

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