The Pre Snap Read-Lion Offense vs. Mustang Defense


In the first home playoff game at “The Hawk”, the Lions punched their ticket to Kansas City in front of the largest crowd in school history.

LOOKING BACK-Lion fans, I must apologize. As uncannily accurate as I was during the playoff run last season, I’ve been that far off this time around, especially last week. I will say this once, and then I’m done with it. It’s hard not to say that the officials cost a team a game, but in this case, I don’t think the Lions were ever allowed to compete on an even playing field. Denied a chance to build any momentum whatsoever, they simply wore out, and came apart at the seams. It certainly wasn’t the Texans defense that forced things. Now’s the time for this team to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and get back to it. Now that renegade bunch has taken their act out-of-town, let’s take a look at the matchup with Western New Mexico.

OVERVIEW-Plainly stated, the Mustangs are not a good football team. Currently, they have a record of 0-6. They do not have a rushing touchdown this year. Undersized on defense, and even younger than the Lions on offense, Western is struggling to establish an identity right now. And now they welcome a wounded and angry Texas A&M-Commerce team looking to return to the win column.


Lion Offense-

Points-29.5 ppg

Rushing-126.3 ypg

Passing-245.8 ypg

Total-372.1 ypg



Mustang defense

Points-41.5 ppg

Rushing-208.3 ypg

Passing-203.1 ypg

Total-411.4 ypg



The Lions have a decided size advantage, averaging 6’2′ 208 lbs. at the skill positions, and 6’3″ 278 lbs. on the offensive line. The Mustangs average 5’11” 181 lbs. in the secondary and 6’0″ 234 lbs. in the front seven.

CAST OF CHARACTERS-The Lions are led on offense by Kane Wilson, 63-106, 943 yards, 6 touchdowns, and also adds 6 touchdowns on the ground. He has been the star on an offense that has sputtered at times this season. Carandale Hale leads the rushers with 79-364 yards, 3 touchdowns,  followed by E.J. Thompson, 62-287 yards with 1 touchdown. Ovie Urevbu contributes 31-157 yards.

The receivers are led by Marquis Wimberly, with 38 receptions for 506 yards with 4 touchdowns. Ryan Stokes chimes in with 19 catches for 338 yards with 4 scores. Chance Cooper has 17 catches for 205 yards and a touchdown, and Matt Childers has 16 for 165 and a touchdown.

(Note: as of  this writing, individual defensive stats for the Mustangs have been next to impossible to find.)

FINAL ANALYSIS AND VERDICT-After looking over everything concerning this game, the Lions should win this handily. As we have seen thus far this season, nothing has come easily for the Lions.

It comes down to this-the Lions must maintain their cool and focus, and eliminate the self-inflicted wounds that they have been continually susceptible to so far this year. The talent is there, as well as size, speed, and experience. Their problems seem to be when they lose focus on the task at hand and become frustrated. Then the silly mistakes happen.

There’s four games left to play. Four opportunities for the Lions to overcome their frustration and anger. Anything can happen from here on out.

Come along for the ride, Lion fans. This is going to be good.

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