# 7 Texas A&M-Commerce-21, # 16 Tarleton State Texans-47-5 Morning After Thoughts


1. Let’s start with the obvious, the officiating of this game was a complete and total travesty. If this is the best the Lone Star Conference can put as far as an officiating crew, that is a sad product. You could say at this point, I might be used to bad LSC officiating, but when one team is penalized 5 times for 45 yards and the other 18 times for 173 yards, that should raise concern about a bias. I wonder aloud how we have won so many of the games in the Carthel era when it is obvious our conference officials hate us. Either way..,.

2. The defense stood tall again and they have nothing to hang their heads over. Once again they were tasked with the impossible which was to keep a good team out of the end zone even when they were backed up against the wall. Let us not forget, TSU is a very good team, but at some point, even the best defenses have to have help from our offense and the rest of the team. One unit cannot do it alone.

3. The mistakes that have been made on the punt and kickoff returns are totally without excuse. When a team kicks the ball to you and you give it right back up, that is a serious problem. Has to be fixed, and fixed now.

4. The offense just seems to be grinding gears. Kane Wilson has helped, but with the exception of Marquis Wimberly and Ryan Stokes, the playmakers have not been making the plays on the peremiter when we need them to. Vincent Hobbs, you have to get that man the ball. He is a trump card that few have And even fewer can stop. He is the guy with the most NFL-potential and you know what he can do, get him the ball.

5. Finally, the playoff prognosticators are saying if we win out and Tarleton does as well, we are going back to the playoffs. That sounds right, but while this team has the talent to be in that tournament, it needs to get the mental focus and the little things right. Thankfully we have the best coach in the country. Ill sleep better at night knowing that he will respond to getting knocked down like he always does. I believe in Carthel, and you should too.

2 thoughts on “# 7 Texas A&M-Commerce-21, # 16 Tarleton State Texans-47-5 Morning After Thoughts

  1. The officiating was terrible, no doubt. However, the multiple offsides penalties and holding calls were obvious. The numerous pass interference calls were questionable at times but those are subjective at every level of football. The offensive face masks penalties, I don’t know…The officiating was infuriating because I don’t think the Lions deserved to be penalized any less per se, but it was obvious TSU deserved to be penalized a lot more. I think the LSC officials do show a bias against the Lions at times, but I think it has less to do with the fact they hate us, and more to the fact that Carthel has a reputation of fielding some VERY undisciplined teams over the years. That FACT reared its ugly head again on Saturday.

    No question the Defense played lights out, outside of the busted coverage on their long touchdown. The DB’s have to make more plays in coverage.

    Special teams have been awesome at times, special teams have been putrid at times…

    You hit the nail on the head with the offense. It is a grind. Get the ball to Hobbs! He should be your first read in the passing game on every third down. QB missed him on more than one occasion when we could have easily moved the chains. No question The OC has had a rough year this season.

    Just get in the Playoffs and anything can happen. We need to win out and have TSU beat MSU. No way they could only send one LSC team to the tournament. I strongly believe in everyone in this program, Go Lions!

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