5 Minor Thoughts…Week 6 vs. Midwestern State

Well finally we got to see what we been waiting on all season. Great football weather and some great Lions football to go with it. There won’t be a final thought from Bobby Bounds this week. Please join me and the Wire staff in sending him and his family in Mississippi condolences for the loss of his beloved mother. She was his #1 fan. We love you brother!

First thought…We have a lot of really good weapons on offense. Kane Wilson just may be the answer we have been waiting on. We all know about the running backs and how great and versatile they are and we have a plethora of receiving talent asp well. I didn’t feel Lock Haven was much of a challenge but I witnessed some very good football Saturday by our Lions. There was still a couple minor hiccups but for the most part…we displayed a championship effort.

Second thought…have I mentioned how great the defense was before? Well that hasn’t changed. Lock Haven has some very good skill players but the blue gang pulled a Houdini and made them totally disappear. They never came close to being a threat for most of the game and when they did finally score, we blocked the PAT and returned it for 2 more points. Great coverage all night and a relentless pass rush kept the Bald Eagles at bay.

Third thought…we needed this game. Not only because of last weeks disappointment but the entire season. Midwestern is waiting and ready. This was a tremendous boost for the boys that couldn’t have come at a better time. I have to admit I was becoming a little bit concerned about our chances after what we have seen thus far but now that I know our capabilities I feel redemption is in order for Saturday night in Wichita Falls. Our only loss from last season and the LSC crown.

Fourth thought…we had a few bumps. Being the defending champs we knew we would. But now is the time. Time to make that much anticipated statement. The statement that we are the Kings of the D2 jungle. Think about how poorly we played last week but still had our chances. This team showed it can and will still scare some teams. It’s made for the long haul.

Final thought…the meat of the schedule is upon us. No more gimme wins on the schedule. We must eliminate any and all silly mistakes. Maybe we need to get a little lucky also. Well my definition of luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Knowing Coach Carthel and his staff you can guarantee these young men will be prepared for Saturday…and the opportunities will be abound for them. There’s a chance it could be a close game but with proper execution and mistake free football you can expect to see a dominant statement making performance from the Lions. A performance that says that we may not be the team we were last year but guess what? It’s 2018 and we are here!

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