Texas A&M-Commerce Lions-68, Lockhaven-Pennsylvania Bald Eagles-6……..5 Morning After Thoughts.


5 Thoughts on a much needed dominating win.

  1. Kane Wilson is your new starting quarterback. For those who wondered why this guy was not the starter from day one, the staff had decided to go with Preston Wheeler because Wilson had the potential to make risky throws, and the offensive staff for this team stresses ball security. You saw Wheeler not take a lot of risks, he got rid of the ball quickly, he was decisive in his playmaking, and he was explosive and used his arm strength and his feet to buy time in the pocket. Things that were not working before (think the jailbreak screen) worked tonight, and Wilson got the in game reps he so desperately needed, and I feel much better going into next week’s extremely important game.
  2. Dominique Ramsey has quickly become the team’s biggest playmaker. He is not only returning punts with great success, he is doing so with explosion and running hard. On defense, he is in the right place and the right time and is always around when big plays are being made, and he is making a name for himself. His play will be critical in the games to come.
  3. The defense was just as good as they had been in previous games, but this time, they were not prone to being on the field for too long because the offense stayed on the field and chewed up clock. Almost getting a shutout was also something to hang their hats on, and my guess is they get at least one before the season ends.
  4. The crowd tonight was big and loud. I stayed at home due to some personal things I needed to take care of, but the crowd shots showed a packed Memorial Stadium and a loud one at that. You could hear the chants and the noise from the live stream and it was great to see that Lion Nation has not lost it’s heart.
  5. Finally, I feel like we are on the path we need to be on to compete with Midwestern State. That is not to say I am fearless about it, but having the offense play where it has been the past 4 quarters is paramount. I am also going to say this, if you can, make the drive out to Wichita Falls and Support these guys next week, because I am. In fact, the entire Wire Staff will be there because we want a win against MSU. It is every bit personal as it is important for a playoff run. The loss to CSU-Pueblo gave us a razor thin margin for error, and with the defense playing the way it has been, and now a trigger man to make the offense go, it is time to get behind this team and throw all our support behind them, and I hope to see you all in Wichita Falls next Saturday night.

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