Texas A&M-Commerce Lions-27, William Jewell Cardinals-17- 5 Morning After Thoughts.

A few thoughts on a disappointing………win.

  1. William Jewell deserved to win this game. I made a comment that in the game of Football, or any team sport for that matter, you need to do 4 things to win games. First, be more excited to play than the other team. Second, know your job and do it. Third, make routine plays, and finally, play smart. WJ did all those things better than The Lions did yesterday. They did not win the game, but they outplayed the Lions in all four facets that I just mentioned. They were not a good team last year, but they will be a better team this year. I also just want to tell them and their fans they played very well and with a lot of heart.
  2. Preston Wheeler improved. He was more efficient and completed 23 of 30 passes for a TD pass. The Lion offense played well the half and jumped out to a 21-0 lead, but after that, the offense was just completely anemic after that. Wheeler threw two interceptions, one was just blocked, and the other was just a bad pass. However, it will be curious to see if maybe Kane Wilson might get a shot. Wheeler has been adequate at this point, but we need that explosion factor at some point. Maybe the staff is keeping things simple for now, but at some point we need to have something to compete with the LSC again.
  3. The defense played very well today. The pass rush was so important to getting to the WJU QB, and we tackled well in space today. Of the 17 points, 7 came on a tipped interception, and the other came due to a field goal off a turnover. Jewell got a lot of the early yards by penalties that the Lions got, but there were no deep shots and explosive plays allowed, and that is to be looked at well.
  4. The personal foul penalty train continues to roll, and my gosh, they have to stop. It is NOT NECESSARY to jaw and mouth off EVERY SINGLE TIME you make a play. Show some class, ACT LIKE A CHAMPION.
  5. Finally, thank you Kristov Martinez, thank you for your 3 field goals and great place kicking. The special teams played well and did their jobs at all times. The two headed punter known at Tristen Perry and Jake Viquez only were needed a couple of times, and Dominique Ramsey returned the ball very well and a had TD called back due to a block in the back. Special teams were special again.

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