Getting Offensive-Lion Offense vs. Cardinal Defense


Greetings. Lion fans! After a thrilling come from behind win over the rival Javelinas from Kingsville last week, now it’s time to turn our attention to the Cardinals of William Jewell College.

There’s not much to go on, as the Cardinals game was canceled last week at the 7:15 mark of the opening quarter, trailing, 7-0. The only other meeting between the two teams was a 59-6 win by the Lions last season at The Hawk.

The Lions are led on offense by Preston Wheeler, who was 23-48 for 302, with three TD’s and an interception. After a shaky first half, Wheeler found his groove, and began to connect with his receivers. A hallmark of the Carthel offense continues, with the ball being spread out among numerous players, led by Marquis Wimberly with 8 catches for 99 yards, and the game winner in overtime, Matt Childers, 4-71, with a touchdown, and the always reliable Vincent Hobbs, 6-47, with a touchdown.

The running game was led by Ovie Urevbu, with 14 rushes for 62 yards and a TD, and Carandale Hale with 9 attempts for 33, and lost a critical fumble early in the second half.

The Lions experienced the normal opening game problems….new quarterback, new faces on the offensive line, and a vastly improved Javelina defense. Hale was benched after losing a fumble, and they struggled well into the third quarter before displaying another of their hallmarks-playing hard for a full 60 minutes. Instead of pointing fingers, and arguing with each other, they remained calm, worked through some issues, and eventually pulled the game out.

What can be determined after one game? This offense has the potential to be very similar to last year. Explosive, balanced, with the ability to impose their will on other teams. Make no mistake, there are things to be fixed. Timing with receivers. Protecting the passer. Secure the football. The bright spot is, these are teachable things that can be fixed, and that is the strength of this coaching staff. They are teachers, first and foremost, and have proven that they can find a way to solve whatever issues there may be, and get better week to week.

Bottom line, the Lion offense should dominate this game, if they play to their potential.

See you Saturday.

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