Well after a harder than anticipated double OT win over the little piggies(of course we new it wouldn’t be that easy…it’s A&M-Kingsville still) the Lions set their eyes on a road trip to Liberty Missouri to face William Jewell. Here are my 5 thoughts on the Lions this week.

First Minor thought…the piggies are a lot better than we first thought. If they bring that type energy and execution from the first 3 quarters they can challenge for a possible playoff spot which maintains our top seeding as long as the outcomes continue to be in the win column. One of the things I love about this coaching staff is their ability to adapt on the fly and make adjustments. Not an easy task by any means.

Second Minor thought…Thankfully the Lions remain ranked #1 in the AFCA coaches poll. I wasn’t sure after a 1 point home win over an unranked opponent but yay. That is a sign of respect which we earned a lot of over the previous years. “A&M-Commerce has been ranked in 41 consecutive AFCA polls, dating back to the 2015 preseason poll. This is A&M- Commerce’s 47th all-time appearance in the AFCA poll since its inception in 2000-(per lionathletics.com).” That is a direct testament to how good our program is now.

Third Minor thought…William Jewell, how good are they? We whooped up on them at home last season 59-6. I’m looking for an explosion from a much more relaxed offense this week leading the way to a similar outcome as last year. Pressure of the first game behind them I think a clearer picture is in the works to see what they have. Defense also shines and displays improvement from last week.

Fourth Minor thought…this is a perfect time for an opponent like this. After a tough rivalry game a much easier one is always welcomed early in the season. Hopefully the weather doesn’t play a negative factor if the hurricane remnants make it to Liberty. We need to see our guys hitting on all cylinders this week from start to finish…or at least halftime if we get 40+ in the first half.

Fifth and final Minor thought…Even though it may appear after one game that we are not as good as last year, don’t rush to judgement. Coach Carthel is the best football coach in Texas (every level) and one of the best in the country. He will get the best out of each of his players. Just like last year the team that played week one was not near the team that showed up in Kansas City and brought the national championship back home. Stay patient and enjoy the ride once again.

Parting Minor thoughts…congrats to our reliable kicker Martinez on being named LSC special teams player of the week. Also congrats to Luis Perez on making the Rams practice squad.

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