Women’s Basketball: Lions hold on to first place in thrilling win over Western New Mexico 69-67.


A few thoughts:

  1. Basketball is a mental game. I played it all my life. Confidence can be bolstered by beating a good team, winning a game you were not supposed to win, or making a huge play in a crunch time situation. On the flip side, it can be eradicated by losing to a tough team or a team you should have beaten. This squad tasted that by losing to a Cameron squad they had no business losing to, which leads to point # 2.
  2. A lot of times, a squad will turn around and say “well, we will beat this other team which has no wins. That is a trap and before you know it, shots are not dropping for you and everything is falling for the other team. Then it comes down to how are you going to weather the storm and grit it out?
  3. Finally, you win that game, which is what this team did. The Lady Mustangs of Western New Mexico were just neck and neck the whole way, but the final 10 minutes saw the Lions hit big shots and outscore WNMU and take the win. Any win is a big one especially this late in the season.
  4. The Lions will head back toward Texas but will make a stop in Portales to take on the Eastern New Mexico Zias. The last time the two played in Commerce, the Lions had to go to overtime to win it 64-57. This one will be tougher, but the question is, how tough?

Next Up:

A&M-Commerce (15-6 overall, 11-2 LSC,) at Eastern New Mexico (12-8 overall, 8-5 LSC) Saturday, February 3rd, 3 PM Tip Off.

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