Men’s Basketball: # 22 Lions notch huge win over Western New Mexico in Overtime.


A few quick thoughts:

  1. They needed this one. The past couple of weeks have been rough for the Lions. Losses to UTPB and West Texas on the road, a tough overtime win over Midwestern State, and a loss to Cameron. Over the past 5 games, the Lions have a 2-3 record. They needed this win and it being on the road means something. I don’t care that it is against a 2 win team, it is a conference win, and ALL Of those are big wins.
  2. A 9-3 record in the conference is a good one despite all that has happened. One team robs a win from you by terrible officiating, the other is one that is lost after coming back from a 21 point deficit, and the final one was when a team shoots an unreal 54 percent from the field. Those things are hard to come back from. However, how a team reacts to the odd bounces of the ball is what makes that team either a winner or a loser.
  3. Like their Lady counterparts, this group heads to Portales Saturday afternoon for a weekend tip. Another win would be huge and is needed. However, this team has got to start fast. No more playing from behind. The games get tougher from this point forward and if the Lions plan to make a run at either the LSC title or the Conference title.
  4. Finally, only two things win Basketball games. First is good shooting, the second is discipline on defense. Both of those have to happen consistently. For the most part this team has done this during the season, but it has to be even more important during this stretch of the season.

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