Previewing Western New Mexico: 5 Thoughts


  1. The Lions find themselves in the exact same situation they found themselves in last year. A heartbreaking loss followed up by a game against a tough Western New Mexico squad. Last year the Mustangs of WNMU gave the Lions all they could handle and it was not exactly encouraging after the loss to MSU the week before. There is an old saying that it is not what happens to you in life, but how you react to it, same deal in Football. What Lions will we see? The Lions that played and outgunned opponents for the first 4 games of the year, or the sloppy, unprepared, and undisciplined group we saw Saturday night. Will be interesting.
  2. It is Homecoming, and it has been a good set of homecoming games the past 3 seasons. Scored 91 against McMurray in 2014 and won the LSC title, beat Midwestern State 27-13 and won the LSC title in 2015, and last season shut out West Texas A&M 36-0. The crowds have been big too. Last season it was about 10,000, I expect more than that this Saturday.
  3. The Lions still have a lot to play for this Saturday. If the Lions win out that means defeating Angelo State at home in two weeks, then heading to Canyon to face West Texas that is such a bipolar team, ending the home season against Texas-Permian Basin, and then heading down to Stephenville for the President’s Cup game. Finishing 9-1 with a loss to a top ten team would get the Lions back to the playoffs.
  4. Western New Mexico is regarded as the best 1-4 team in the nation, per Hero Sports. That team has a lot of athletic talent, and they are very fast and have some big time playmaking ability. Western recruits California heavily, and there are 40 players from the Golden State on the WNMU roster. One thing I know about California, especially Southern California, is that they produce a tremendous amount of athletic talent. For years, people have asked who has the better football, Texas or California. I have always believed that Texas has the better Football players, but California has the better overall athletes, and once Western catches up to executing the game of Football, they will be a great asset to the Lone Star Conference.
  5. Our defense must be ready for this game. Western leads the nation in the following categories: Passing yardage, passing offense, and currently average 28 points per game, and one of those losses was to a Division I school. If the defense plays like they did for the first 3 quarters this past Saturday, we might not have a happy homecoming this year.

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