Ask The Opponent: Texas A&M-Kingsville Edition……and a brief message to Midwestern Players.

Before we get to asking our good buddy HOG89 from a few questions about the upcoming matchup, I just wanted to convey my sympathies and my prayers to the Midwestern State Mustangs as they have lost their teammate Robert Grays after making a routine tackle and the end of the game last week against TAMU-Kingsville. I would just like to give the best thing I can to these players and the fans, and a message to Robert’s family-

To the MSU Players-

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”-Isaiah 41:10

To the Friends and Family of Robert Grays-

And Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, shall never die.”-John 11:25

Now, Time to get to Ask The Opponent-


TLW: “Kingsville has lost 5 straight to TAMUC, on a scale of 1-10, how bad does the fan base want to win this game?”

HOG: “I believe I speak for all our fans when I say I want to see the Javelinas win EVERY game. We have a long history with Commerce (61 games) so they are probably our oldest rival.”

TLW: “1-2 start seems a bit of a rough go for the Hoggies so far. What has gone wrong?”

HOG: “This is a rebuilding year for the Hogs. I know it’s difficult to imagine a coach’s 3rd year being a rebuilding year, but Coach Wilk’s 1st recruiting year was at a bit of a disadvantage as he didn’t start until late December/early January, since he was coaching with Pueblo during their NC run. Coach Wilk seemed to fill a lot of holes and depth with JuCo transfers. Additionally, many of the recruits he’s brought in have been redshirted so they don’t have the full game experience. I believe what we’re seeing is the result of losing lots of experienced players with others that haven’t had the opportunity to gel yet. We will start to see a big growing curve as the year progresses.”

TLW: “From last season, how have the Javelinas improved and what areas still need improvement?”

HOG: “We have a good core of WRs/TEs that are experienced and are running excellent routes. However, our OL still needs to improve on run & pass protection and our QB is a RS Fr who is being baptized by fire. He has done a very good job showing poise and maturity. Our defense is the most puzzling so far. With the number of returning players we had from a very good defensive unit last year, their play has not lived up to expectations.”

TLW: “What is your biggest concern regarding the Lions?”

HOG: “Depth. They seem to have a very deep roster without losing much skill between their 1 & 2 players. Also, they seem to be playing mistake-free football right now.”

TLW: “On the flip side, what should the Lions be concerned about in regards to the Hoggies?”

HOG: “If we play a mistake-free game, and keep the stinking unsportsmanlike/personal foul penalties out of the game, we will be a much tougher opponent than they expect.”

TLW: “Would it be fair to say that Kingsville is a different animal at home, and if so, why?”

HOG: “Historically, we’ve been a much tougher team to play at home especially when we used to consistently pack the stands with 12-13K fans.
I would love to see the stands filled this weekend. We need all the help we can get and if our fans help make the difference, that’s all right by me.”

TLW: “What matchup between these two teams most intrigues you and why?”

HOG: “Again, I’d like to see our WRs/TEs have a great game. However, I’d like to see our running game have some consistency. On the defensive side, I’d like to see Kuziah Ferebee add to his current streak.”

TLW: “There has been talk that the admins at Kingsville might be doing some throwback activity to honor the great A&I teams of the past. What can you tell us about that, if anything?”

HOG: “Others may know more, but anytime I get to see the original “Porky” on a helmet, it’s a good thing.”

TLW: “Care to predict a score?”

HOG: “Gonna pass on that one, haha.”

TLW: “Finally, for the folks headed down to Kingsville for the first time, if you could give them 3 places to visit what or where would they be?”

HOG: “For food, just about any of the sandwiches from Young’s Pizza (Texicali, Stromboli, Gyro, Texas Gyro, etc), Pizza Parlor. Places to visit,
if you can get there early enough, our tailgating is pretty darn good. Others may provide additional info.”

Overtime: If you could pick One A&I team to face one ET team of the past, which ones would you pick in a hypothetical matchup?

HOG: Too many great teams to choose from. Hmm. a team with Eugene Upshaw in the line-up, Darrel Green in the line-up, or John Randle in the line-up (this would also include Heath Sherman and Johnny Bailey)

Thanks again to HOG89 for taking the time sit down with us and answer some questions. Here is to another great game in the stories Commerce/Kingsville rivalry.


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