Ask The Opponent: William Jewell Edition

Once again, we reach out to someone in the know regarding the opposing Football team and what to expect. We found a kindred spirit in Bearcat96 who has been around the WJU program and he provided us with some excellent info. Hat tip to him!

TLW: “First, give us the overall thoughts on the game.”

Bearcat: “This should be an interesting one. To my knowledge Jewell has not been on the field with a top 5 team since they joined D2. No such things as moral victories but if Jewell can even hang in this game I think it may be counted as one.”

TLW: “Tell us about what has been going on at William Jewell in regards to athletics.”

Bearcat: “Jewell has had several runs of season long greatness by their basketball, baseball, and soccer teams but no sustained dominance by any sport.”

TLW: “How has your football program been historically?

Bearcat: “Historically Jewell football has had some storied seasons. Many of which coming through the 80’s and 90’s with the success being a little more sparse since 2000.”

TLW: “Where do you guys see yourselves next year? NAIA or NCAA?”

Bearcat: “Realistically Jewell will be NCAA. The pertinent question coming up for the athletic department though will be D2 or D3.”

TLW: “What worries you most about the Lions?”

Bearcat: “The biggest problem Jewell will have with the Lions is size/depth in the trenches. As with most programs this is what separates your top tier programs from the others.”

TLW: “On the flip side, what is Jewell’s biggest strength on any side of the ball?”

Bearcat: “Biggest strength for Jewell will definitely be their offense. QB #10 is their best player and will put up big numbers through the air and on the ground. Keep him contained though and I don’t see them putting up a lot of points.”

TLW: “What is competition in the GLVC like typically?”

Bearcat: “GLVC has only been in existence for 6-7 seasons now and until recently it’s been a 1 team league with University of Indianapolis being the focal point. The last few years though competition has risen quite a bit. Southwest Baptist and Truman State came in on the national scene last year and McKendree has been a very solid program year in and year out. Schools like Jewell and Lincoln usually bring up the bottom of the pack in the GLVC. “

TLW: “Who would you say is your biggest rival?”

Bearcat: “Big rivalries have really yet to form in the GLVC with it being a newer conference and with no real geographical ties to create those types of big games. Jewell was a long time member of the Heart of America conference in the NAIA where they had pretty established rivalries with Benedictine College and Missouri Valley.”

TLW: “Tell the fans a little bit about your University and some notable things about it.”

Bearcat: “Something notable to mention for football fans is that Kansas State’s Bill Snyder attended William Jewell and played football in the early 60’s.”

TLW: “Finally, care to predict a score?”

Bearcat: “Unfortunately I don’t think this will be a close one. I’d take Commerce in a 49-14 win.”

A Huge Thanks to Bearcat96 for stepping up and delivering some great info!

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