BREAKING: TAMUC Athletic Fee Increase Referendum Passes with 80 percent voting for.



Per news sources and KETR Radio, the referendum to increase the student athletic fee from 21 Dollars to 32 dollars per semester passed overwhelmingly in a vote on Tuesday. Here are the details per Jerrod Knight with KETR Radio News-

“The referendum sought an increase of $21.01 over the current $10.99 that students currently pay in fees specifically allocated to intercollegiate athletics, bringing the new total to $32. This would place the athletic fee at the same level as the fee charged to students of West Texas A&M, a Lone Star Conference rival, according to this university-produced infographic.

Proponents of the measure, which included some university administrators, hoped to take advantage of new revenues benefiting the athletics program by decreasing the institutional financial support for athletics. The savings this measure creates will, over time and by mandate, be used to fund new faculty positions in academics. The first-year reallocation amount is projected to be $866,000, according to the university.”

The proposal includes a fee increase of $21.01 per semester credit hour designated to fund athletics. The current fee is $10.99, and the resultant fee would be $32. If the measure passes, an undergrad student who enrolls in 13 or more credit hours starting Fall 2017 would notice the price of their education has gone up $273 per semester. What I like about this is that the students under the “locked in tuition rate” will not see their tuition raised. This is for the first group of students enrolling in the Fall of 2017 and all classes thereafter.

For a good explanation of how this works in putting money into the University Coffers, and also helps with the Academics for ALL STUDENTS, athletes or not, check this very helpful link out.

Today is a another step in the right direction in making TAMUC a leader in Division II NCAA Athletics.

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