Passin’ Fancy: Updated Lion Football Passing Records

Another great season that showcased a great arial passing attack as part of the overall game plan is in the books, so here are the updated passing records in Lion Football.

So, lets get to it.


Tyrik Rollison Holds the Record for most passing yards in a season.


Passing Yards in a Season-

  1. Tyrik Rollison- 3,764  (2014)
  2. Luis Perez-3,326  (2016)
  3. Harrison Stewart-3,173  (2015)
  4. Buster Faulkner-2,861  (2004)
  5. Cole Cayce-2,266  (1996)
  6. Royce Slechta-2,105 (1987)
  7. Kyle Mackey-2,074 (1981)
  8. Jim Dietz-2,000 (1970)
  9. Wade Wilson-1,978 (1980)
  10. Adam Farkes-1,960 (2010)

Passing Touchdowns in a Season-


Luis Perez broke the school records for most passing TD’s in a season. 

  1. Luis Perez-32 (2016)
  2. Tyrik Rollison-31 (2014)
  3. Harrison Stewart-30 (2015)
  4. James Grey-22-(1952)
  5. Jim Dietz-20-(1969)
  6. Wade Wilson-19-(1980)
  7. (Tie) Kyle Mackey-1981, Cole Cayce-1996-18

     9. Bob Bounds-17-1990

     10. Buster Faulkner-16-2004


Bob Bounds still owns the record for most passing yards in a career. 

Passing Yards in a Career-

  1. Bob Bounds-5,955
  2. Kyle Mackey-5,814
  3. Terry Skinner-5,401
  4. Tyrik Rollison-5,362
  5. Harrison Stewart-5,016
  6. Wade Wilson-4,616
  7. Jim Dietz-4,529
  8. Royce Slechta-4,378
  9. Adam Farkes-3,913
  10. Cole Cayce-3,763



James Grey and Harrison Stewart Top for Most Passing TD’s in a Career.


Harrison Stewart find himself in the top ten on 4 major passing categories.

Passing Touchdowns in a Career-

  1. James Grey-51
  2. Harrison Stewart-48
  3. Kyle Mackey, Tyrik Rollison-43 (Tie)

     5. Jim Dietz-39

    6. Terry Skinner-33

    7. Bob Bounds, Wade Wilson, Luis Perez-32 (TIE)

  10. Mike Trigg-24



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