NCAA Round 2: Grand Valley State Lakers-5 Thoughts


  1. This is by far the toughest team we have played since 2013 West Texas A&M’s team. GVSU is a team that expects to win year in and year out. We are going up against DII royalty and the establishment. This is a game that will show what we are made of.
  2. Offensive plan of attack……what to do? Where do the Lions attack on the field? GVSU is a tough defense to prepare for, and they are big and physical. The Lions rely a lot on the running game, will we see a vertical passing attack take over? GV is very big but not overtly fast. Does the staff try turning this into a track meet early on and see if that puts GVSU on the defensive?
  3. The weather the last time the Lions went to Michigan was rough. The forecast for Saturday is supposed to be 45 at kickoff with a minimal wind and sunny. Not too shabby. That is not too far off from how the weather was this past Saturday with the chilly and windy day in Commerce.
  4. GVSU’s Lubbers Stadium is an environment that the Lions have probably never faced in an away game. Sure there have been large crowds, but GV has a reputation as being a tough and VERY LOUD place to play. The average crowd is around 11,000 and the stadium has a north side section that is inhabited by very rowdy fans. This is a place that the Lions MUST BE PREPARED to take on.
  5. Finally, the Lakers are dinged up at some key positions, will that be enough to push the Lions over the top? There is a window of opportunity to knock off the second best team in the country and get us a possible rematch with Ferris State. It will be interesting to see.


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