# 8 Texas A&M-Commerce Lions-36, West Texas A&M Buffalos-0-Post Mortem


Overall Opining: The past two weeks I have seen some of the best Football that has been played since Colby Carthel has arrived in Commerce. This win was exactly what was needed to play the polls correctly. A dominating win that showed off in front of 10,000 people that this team is for real, and that the class of the conference resides in Commerce now. The utter and sheer domination that was seen last night not only moves us up the in the polls and helps our place in the coming playoffs, but also cements us in having a share in the LSC title. It also shows to a lot of alums who got used to watching 15 years of mediocre and bad football that this program and the administrators and coaches behind it are serious in making it a national power again and having it stay that way. This is what you give your homecoming crowd, a big win against a team that was the class of the conference and a statement to the national D2 scene.

Box Scores-

I have a friend at work that reads this blog. He is not a TAMUC/ET alum but he is a college football fan and a smart guy overall. He suggested that adding the box score to the PM would help and I agree. So here it is and lets take a look at it.

First Downs 12 19
Total Offensive Yards 284 358
Passing Yards 241 219
Rushing Yards 43 139
Penalty Yards 7-60 3-43
3rd Downs 2-13 6-17
4th Downs 1-2 2-3
Time Of Possession 25:51 34:09

A few things stick out, not a fantastic amount of yards on offense, but a balanced attack overall. A HUGE reduction in penalty yardage, and 66 percent on 4th down conversions, along with holding the ball for 10 more minutes than WT.


Offense-This is a group award that goes to the offensive line. They kept Perez upright and gave him time to make plays and be efficient and let Richard Cooper have another 100 plus yard night. They are often overlooked, but they deserve this one for sure.

Defense-This one is hard to pick, but Uriah Harris had a MONSTER GAME. 6 solo tackles, 3 assisted, 1 tackles for loss, and 1 pick six that went 85 yards. When your defense plays lights out you have a lot of candidates, it makes it hard, but Harris was great last night and had a great game and could very well be an LSC candidate for Defensive player of the week.

Special Teams-Kris Martinez and Hector Dominguez both did their jobs and played well. Nothing remarkable, but these guys just do their jobs so well. The whole unit on coverage played very well it was just a solid job.


Offense-I give this unit a B plus because they left 12 points off the board when they got inside the 10 3 times and left with 3 field goals. Cannot do that. However, they did not turn the ball over and did what they had to do on offense to take WT out of it.

Defense- A Plus. You just shut out the team than hung 35 points on Midwestern State, and scored 14 points directly off turnovers. Fantastic job.

Special Teams-A plus. Minus the wind-induced missed PAT, the kicking, the coverage, and the scoring were great. Cannot do much better.

Coaching-Let me say this. Something that the coaches have been doing in the past 2 games has gotten maximum effort out of the players. The offense has been playing basically mistake free, the defense has been attacking and the special teams has been magical. It all starts with Coaching. A Plus again for HC Carthel and his crew.

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