Vs. Angelo State-5 Thoughts/Questions


  1. ASU is still ASU. That means this will be a tough Football game. Our head coach is an ASU alum and there are guys who have been doing battle for the past 4 year seasons in big games and situations. This is still going to be a dogfight, no questions asked. They know us, and we know them.
  2. The road trip to San Angelo has been OK to us so far, granted it is only been for one time two years ago, but like I posted a few days ago, we have a great road record but CANNOT fall behind ASU. Brock Calloway said on the radio EXACTLY what I think, you cannot play the way The Lions did on Saturday and expect a win against Angelo State. Just cannot.
  3. I am interested to see how Luis Perez rebounds. He has still been very good, but I believe that if the play callers would open up the offense you could really see Perez explode. Perez has such a calming and commanding influence on the offense, but he can go petal to the metal if needed. I say let the guy play, because he can.
  4. The defense is giving up some yards, but I personally have never been a fan of the bend but don’t break method. If you have speed, I have always thought attacking is the best route to go. Here is the thing, I know Justin Deason is a good coach but I wonder what his rationale is with the coverage schemes. I know this, when he coaches the defense up, they make opposing offenses really work hard for everything. Just would be curious to know his rationale with the coverage schemes but you have to trust the coaches and believe that they know what they are doing.
  5. With Angelo having almost beaten Midwestern, it would be great to get a convincing road win. If The Lions can go in fired up and execute and do what they did the first 3 games, which was to take the crowd out of it and demoralize the opposition, you could very well see that. I still want to see Midwestern lose so that we can get a share of the conference title.


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