Vs. Western New Mexico-5 Thoughts


  1. One thought I have is this, Emotional Hangover. Last week’s loss was so emotional and there was a feeling we would essentially clinch the conference championship in one game. The fact that our coaching staff gave it away with such an unbelievably end of game strategy makes it harder to swallow, because there are many who believe that the Lions were the better team, but gave it away. We have to put that away because we still have 5 games left, every one of them winnable and some of them losable.
  2. Another new conference opponent gives us a fresh perspective on how football is played. I always believe that having new opponents makes a great dynamic and WNMU is very much a team that could see themselves making great inroads to the LSC. They would be a beast to travel but I like the diversity they add to the conference.
  3. My next thought has to do with how is the strategy and approach to playing a team over 800 miles away but a team we are supposed to beat. If there is a revelation that is to be made it is going to be how we play so far away from home in an environment so different from what we have played in before will be helpful.
  4. Assuming that we do win out and make the playoffs, there is a high likelihood we will be playing in an environment similar to Silver City, NM. The weather will spike to 75 but drop to 45, and will be unchartered waters for sure. What people do not realize is how playing in so many different types of weather and climates can positively affect a team wanting to make a deep playoff run.
  5. Speaking of playoffs, TAMUC finds itself in a conundrum. MSU has one game that could possibly lose, and that is to Eastern New Mexico the last game of the season. That could happen and I hope it does, they could also lose to WT in Canyon, but those are the only games I see them losing. Tarleton is a game I just don’t see them losing despite the improvement of the Texans. That being said, MSU would have to lose to a team that eventually loses two conference games so that we get playoffs and a share of the LSC title. I know that the playoffs are the ultimate goal to play for a national title, but I can’t help but think they would feel better with a title. That being said, if both we and MSU go into the playoffs with one loss, we both probably end up hitting the road instead of hosting. Catch-22 if there ever was one.

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