# 6 Texas A&M-Commerce 35, Oklahoma Panhandle State 13-Post Mortem


Dominating win before a HUGE game against MSU. 

Overall Opining: Domination. Utter and sheer domination from the start. Do not let the overall score fool you, this game could have been much worse, but HC Carthel in his competitive goodness did not let this game get out of hand and kept is clean and sportsmanlike. Every player who dressed out got to play, and they keep OPSU from making the game interesting as well. This was what the Lions needed heading into the biggest game in Commerce in years next Saturday.


Offense-Lance Evans-Guy was the home run threat and had 7 receptions for over 100 yards. Evans continues to evolve as your home run hitter opposite D’Arthur Cowan. Evans is the first REC to win the MVP for this year, and he earned it.

Defense-Cameron Rogers led the Lions with 7 tackles including 2 TFL. Rogers has long been a key cog in the Lions’ Defense, but he has played for 4 years in the Lion starting defense and has been maybe a little overlooked as a player, when he is one of the best. Props to the Defensive MVP for this week, Cameron Rogers.

Special teams-Kris Martinez yet again. Kicked off 6 times for 311 yards, averaging over 51 yards a kickoff. The fact that Martinez has two more seasons and have improved so vastly from his Freshman season in both quality and length of kickoffs, as well as extra points.


Offense- Solid A. Great play calling and good rhythm in the passing game.

Defense-A plus. Kept the shut out until the 2nd and 3rd string guys came in, and even then, they did a great job of keeping OPSU on their heels. A lot of confidence can be gleamed from the defensive depth.

Special Teams-No big returns allowed, Martinez and Hector Dominguez did their jobs very well. A.

Coaching-This was a tough week if you were a player, but I know it was probably just as tough for the Coaches. The penalties were purged for the most part and were mainly held to holding and illegal blocking. That will be the best indicator of coaching, and it looks like Coach Carthel and his staff sent a clear message regarding that. A plus for doing what needed to be done and preparing a great game plan for a long road game.

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