Ask The Opponent Vol. 3 vs. Texas A&M-Kingsville


In another battle for General Chennault’s Cup, here is Javelina Alum from to answer some questions about this highly anticipated matchup.
BTB: Tell us how the feelings are among the fan base about the mass improvement the Hoggies have made the past 2 seasons.

JA: Coach Wilk has everyone optimistic and excited about the future. He’s instilled a positive and winning attitude on the field and he also expects success in the classroom. The coaching staff he’s assembled seem very competent and the Offensive and defensive schemes are starting to click. The players have total buy in to the system. He’s only just begun, the Hogs will have a wining season this season and I think we’ll be back in the hunt for the LSC Crown in 2017 and 2018!

BTB: What have been the major factors in causing the improvement in Kingsville?
JA: Recruiting has been the key, we are bigger on both sides of the ball and we are collecting a deep stable of QB’s for the future. Our skill players on Offense are fast so team speed has helped tremendously.

BTB: What should the Lions be on the lookout for in the coming matchup?
JA: We like to run to set up the pass. If the Lions can’t cover Autrey we may be able to keep it close. Our D has been tough against the Rush but our secondary showed some chinks in the their armor against MSU.

BTB: What do you feel are the most important things in regards stopping the Lions on offense?
JA: They have more talent than the Javs and they are the defending Champions, it’s going to be hard to stop that great Offense.

BTB: From what the fans perspective, what are the strengths of the Hoggies and the things that need work?

JA: Our O Line has been protecting Carr so that’s a strength. If you give him too much time he’s going to find a receiver. Once again our Secondary could be suspect, we have up some long pass plays against UIW and MSU. Hopefully they can make some adjustments.

BTB: The enthusiasm seems to really be back. What more can you tell us about that?
JA:The play on the field in the past 3 weeks has not gone unnoticed by Alums and Students. We’ve averaged 9,200 in the first two games and we expect another great crowd next week for Angelo State and possibly 12 to 13K for UT-PB Oct 15 Homecoming. It feels great to know your chances of winning on Saturday are greater than they have been the last 5 seasons. We’re used to winning around here and this feels normal again. Tailgating has been amazing as well so many student organizations that have been participating.

BTB:  Any chance that one day you guys will get A&I throwbacks so we can have a classic ET/A&I matchup again?
JA: No I don’t see that happening. TAMU-Commerce is way ahead of us on the Throwback Uni issue. The Porky alternate helmet is a huge step in the right direction and many Alum’s would love to see the A&I throwback jersey. It is still a very touchy subject around here, more so than ET Alum’s can imagine.

BTB: Name a game changer for you guys on both sides of the ball.



B Jones

BTB: Any big changes in game planning or strategy from last year to this year?

JA: No I don’t think so, the Hogs have talent now so I wouldn’t expect a blowout.

BTB: Predict the score.
JA: Lions in a close one 24-21.

BTB: Bonus: Tell us one neat thing about TAMUK that makes it unique. Can be academics, athletics or just overall culture.

JA: Athletics – 7 National Championships, 27 LSC Championships and 3 Players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame trailing only SMU (5) and UT (4) for Texas Colleges.

Thanks a ton to Javelina Alum for taking the time! Looking forward to a great game!

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