Blacklands Report: Dolezel Coach Of The Year, BTB on KETR, and Top Ten Wins of the Hawkins Era.


Congrats to former Lion QB Clint Dolezel who was named the Arena Football League’s Coach of the Year. The future AFL Hall of Famer notched his second straight coach of the year award. In 4 seasons as Head Coach, Dolezel owns a 49-21 record in addition to his record setting career as a Quarterback in Dallas and other teams. Congrats to a Lion of Old ET!


I was back on the air again with John Mark Dempsey of KETR’s Blacklands Cafe to discuss some of the polls of the greatest players of all time. We got around to the best QB’s and RB’s and also had some discussion about who is the greatest Lion of all time is. I will post the link to the discussion when it airs, which should be either tomorrow or Monday.

New Poll-Ten Biggest Wins of the Hawkins Era

A new poll is up, and anyone is free to comment on it or vote. Coach Ernest Hawkins won 132 games as Head Coach in Commerce, but what 10 were the biggest for the program? Weigh in as the results will be posted Sunday.


3 thoughts on “Blacklands Report: Dolezel Coach Of The Year, BTB on KETR, and Top Ten Wins of the Hawkins Era.

    • That is Correct, Dolezel was under Eddie Vowell. I am asking the alums and fans what are the 10 biggest wins of the Hawkins Era. No connection between the two.


  1. 1977: The Texas A&I Javelinas come into Memorial Stadium with a 47-game win streak and B2B NAIA National Championships (it may have been 3, I’m not sure). it was an in-your-face-knock-down-drag-out defensive ballgame all night long. Neither team penetrated past their opponent’s 40-yard line more than a few times all night. We came out on top 7-6. My dad, Boley Crawford, remarked to me that, “We got more press coverage for that win than for winning the National championship” 5 years before.

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