Road Trippin’-A look at the Roads to Travel in 2016

Doesn’t every love a good road trip?

I guess it depends on who you ask. For the upcoming season though, the A&M-Commerce Football team will be doing a whole lot of driving. Let’s take a look at where they are headed and the difficulty of the trips.

Week 2-McCool Stadium-Cleveland, Mississippi vs. Delta State. One of the shorter road trips, this 361 mile jaunt from the Northern Texas Blackland Prairies will take you though Texarkana, and most of Southern Arkansas and the beautiful Piney Woods of the Deep South before crossing the phenomena known as the Mississippi River and then into the Magnolia state. Cleveland is a typical southern town where you will find Jazz music halls, deep friend southern food, and a probably some pretty knock off Tex-Mex Joints. Delta State fans are pretty passionate but also quite polite. Just do not drive home in the dark of night, lest you fall asleep at the wheel as the deep woods seem to have a sedating effect on anyone driving through them. (Just ask my Dad)


McCool Stadium at  Delta State University.

Week 3-Greyhound Stadium-Portales, New Mexico vs Eastern New Mexico. I have made most of this drive before, but going out to Portales will be an experience unlike any other that a Lion has made. The actual Stadium is no longer in Blackwater Draw, but rather on campus in Portales. I am kind of sad to see the Draw go, it was such an oasis of uniqueness in a rather bland area. Anyway, Portales is a pretty cool little town. Very Southwestern and Spanish in style. The 475 mile drive is pretty cumbersome, but being able to watch the passing attack of the Lions against the triple option of the Greyhounds in a brand spanking new stadium would be totally worth it.


A Speck of what the new Greyhound Stadium will be like. No more high grass. Adds to the quality of stadiums in the conference. 

Week 5-Carl Wooten Field-Goodwell, Oklahoma vs Oklahoma Panhandle State. I love Oklahoma as a state because it is like a miniature version of Texas. OPSU has joined the conference and I look forward to having them on-board. A 490 mile drive through the Oklahoma high plains can be much like a drive to Canyon, but the Oklahoma Panhandle is much like the Texas Panhandle. Oh, and do not expect to be able to find much to do in a college town of 1,300 people. Makes Commerce look like a real metropolis. OPSU’s Stadium is pretty unique as shown below.


The Smallest Stadium in the Conference at OK Panhandle State.

Week 7-Altamirano Stadium-Silver City, New Mexico vs Western New Mexico. Another new comer to the conference, WNMU looks to be a good addition to the LSC, but if you plan on going out to see this game, make sure you have a long weekend. It is an 850 mile drive and Silver City is a great tourist town, so see the sights and WNMU has a beautiful campus. The Stadium is one sided and pretty basic, but the area is a really beautiful area. Again, plan for a long weekend if you make this drive.


Western New Mexico’s stadium has a beautiful landscape.

Week 8-LeGrand Stadium-San Angelo, TX vs Angelo State-ASU got a brand new stadium two years ago, and this is the shortest drive at 324 miles, and really it is all Freeway driving. The new Stadium at ASU is a nice and beautiful place and facility. Worth the 4 hour drive. Easily make it back to Northeast Texas the next morning, easier if you live in the immediate Dallas area. San Angelo also has a ton of things to do, it is not the average 8-12,000 person LSC college town.


Angelo State’s LeGrand Stadium is a beautiful facility

Week 10-Ratliff Stadium-Odessa, TX vs Texas-Permian Basin-If you are a Football historian, I would recommend this place. Odessa is a big town that is Football crazy as this is the original Friday Night Lights. If there is a Permian Panther game the night before, go there, but you may get your Football quota in that one night. Not as far as I thought, but definitely a long drive through the lonely West Texas plains for 420 miles, but if you want to enjoy the place where Mojo was born, this place would be worth it.


Ratliff Stadium, the original Friday Night Lights and an institution among Texas Stadiums. 


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