Game Day Open Thread………and a past due preview of the game.

It is game day people, and you get a preview to boot.

It is game day people, and you get a preview to boot.

Storylines: To quote the late and great Yogi Berra, “It is “Deja Vu all over again.” Commerce VS. Angelo. Again, and again, and again. Since we last parted company with the Rams, we have gone up and ASU has really fallen off, but do not think for a hot second that we should take the Rams lightly. I do not know what the problem is with the Rams, but we know but we have to do for them to be kept at bay. So here we go with the weekly but always 5 quick thoughts.

  1. Do NOT underestimate this team. This is the same team we played 4 weeks ago. We would be very foolish to think the Rams are just going to come in and roll over. They want to be us badly. We better be ready.
  2. Kyle Washington is still Kyle Washington. However, if we do what we did last time, which is come after him time, that will force him to make some bad throws, and those are the ones that win the game.
  3. Run it down the throat, but run to win. The last time we met, we almost lost the game because we got way too conservative on play calling. Run it to win it.
  4. Make it Special. Special teams played an integral part of the game last time, and I believe they will need to again. Just good solid play with coverage, good returns, NO PENALTIES, and bring the heat and play with intensity.
  5. Attitude. Look, everyone hates this stupid conference playoff system. Well, anyone with a brain does. But just realize what the good a match-up like this serves for future playoffs. A lot of times, teams have had to play each other twice, but just remember this is all about attitude. Have the attitude that it is time to show the Texas A&M-Commerce Lions are the best team in the Lone Star Conference, and maybe the best in the entire land.

Let’s do this!

Roar Back Here.....

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