Sam Houston State 38, Texas A&M-Commerce 24-Post Mortem

A hard fought loss, but one that shows we can play with the best of them.

A hard fought loss, but one that shows we can play with the best of them.

Like last week, I am not going to give out grades or MVP’s. I really felt like that game was a great thing to happen to the Football program. Now, do I wish we had won? Of Course, but look at all the positives. We played a good game against a very good team and almost beat them. We took a loss that will not affect us in any way, shape or form in the rankings and D2 polls.

We get revenue for going down to a Division I school and playing them, revenue for playing on TV, national TV exposure, and answered the question when we tied the game at 24 as to how real we were. I remember years ago reading an old article that Kevin Sherrington of the Dallas Morning News did over the TAMUC football program in 1992. I actually have the article archived and have posted it on an earlier post. The reason I bring it up is because I remember they spoke with Billy Watkins, the leading scorer and kicker in program history and he brought up playing Northwestern Louisiana State, who is in the same conference as Sam Houston State. He said he liked the game because “it is a no pressure game that nobody expects us to win”, and then-Coach Eddie Vowell talked about how the money that playing a Division I school saves a team and also generates . For example, the Division I school has to pay all travel expenses and then pays the smaller division school a stipend and in a tight budget that all Division II schools have, even in Football that means quite a bit. It also gets you national exposure.  During the 1990 and 1991 seasons, the Lions played NW State two straight seasons and almost beat them both times. For the record, anytime we play a Division III school we have to pay them the same compensation package a larger school would pay off.

All in all, the game turned out about like I thought it would, I felt we would scrap our way to a respectable loss, but I if you told me we would tie the game at 24 and suck all the air out of Bowers Stadium, I would have told you that was a stretch, but shows what I know at times.

I am very much looking forward to next week as we found out today we have a rematch with Angelo State, and I hope the coaching staff learns from playing conservative the last time and sends a statement. I will have previews early this week.

2 thoughts on “Sam Houston State 38, Texas A&M-Commerce 24-Post Mortem

  1. Sorry, posted this in the wrong place the first time. let me try again.

    Brian: I looked for a fan board for TAMU-C, but couldn’t find one. Found your blog: so I thought I would post my comments here. Hope you don’t mind.

    My thoughts on your team after watching them battle my Bearkats. Your guys are big, fast, physical, fundamentally sound and very well coached. I have been to every game that the Kats have played this year except the one against Abilene Christian.

    I am serious when I say that the only team that we have played, so far, that was better than the Lions is Texas Tech and I think your defense was pretty much on par with theirs in a one game, snap shot comparison. We lost to Lamar in the second game of the season, but the Lions are a MUCH better team than they are.

    I just want to let all of you Lions fans know that your squads efforts at Bowers didn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. Best of luck in the D2 playoffs.

    DOK Rogers
    SHSU ’77 & ’78

  2. DOK,

    Thank you so much for the compliments on the team. You guys are legit as well. I watched your game at Tech and you guys went into a tough crowd and almost knocked off Tech. My best friend from HS is a Sam grad and I almost took a track scholarship from them. Best of luck to you guys as well.

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