Five things to do to beat the Buffs.

5 Things to beat the Buffs.

5 Things to beat the Buffs.

So tomorrow is a big test. West Texas A&M is still West Texas A&M. They are down, but not out, there is a lot of Football left to be played. So, here are 5 things we can do to take down the Buffs.

  1. Take the crowd out of it. Canyon is still a tough place to play. By going on offense and continuing to attack on defense, getting the crowd out of it early will be a big factor. Again the elements are still there, wind, dust, did I mention wind?
  2. Get the passing game going. WT respects our running game but I think that many in the conference do not fully respect the passing game we have as they should. We have run the ball so much because it has been so potent, but getting the passing game humming and forcing WT to play both will be of great benefit to us.
  3. Force WT to make mistakes. The Buffs have struggled on execution all year long, make them beat themselves early and we will finish the job with what we have.
  4. Eat Clock. One of the things the offense has been able to do this year and score early and often and kill clock at the same time. When your opponent looks up after a half and sees you are already up 28-3, it demoralizes a team, which leads to my final point….
  5. Demoralize them. WT is down, and many people believe this game will be an easy Lion win, so by running out early and taking the air totally out of Canyon, the Lions gain the upper hand mentally and continue to roll. That has been what they have been able to do most of the year and if that is possible… out.

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