Preview Versus West Texas A&M-5 questions.


West Texas A&M. They had been the cream of the LSC crop in Football for almost a decade. They won Championships, made large runs in playoff situations, and almost always won the big games. Since Carthel and Crew moved from the South Plains to the Blackland Prairies, they have really fallen off. This is going to be a big game, especially since we have not won in Canyon in………well a very long time. So let’s get to the five thing to think about.

  1. Is their offense really that……………….bland? WT has been known as a team that puts up big points via the air or ground, but it looks like they really have had a hard time putting up the points they have been used to putting up, especially against good defenses. Now, they still have a pretty good passing game and with our secondary being suspect at times, that is something you can bet the Buffs are going to go after if they can, their running game is not even at 1,000 yard rushing while the Lions have almost 1600 yards rushing offense alone. If this is what the silver bullet is for the defense but putting pressure on the WT backfield and dropping everyone else, the passing defense should be better.
  2. How well can we play so far away? Canyon is 405 agonizing miles away in an area of Texas that has some of the best people and worst elements you can think of.  Wind, hostile fans, there is a lot that can take a good team and give them a loss on the road in Canyon. Just ask the former #2 team in the country, Colorado State-Pueblo, who left Canyon without their top ten ranking.
  3. Can we keep up the balance on offense? One of the reasons our offense has been so hard to stop is because of how the offense can move the ball so quickly and with such balance. This might be the fastest overall group we have had in the Carthel era. Speed and good athletes are there, but making sure the execution is there is important, the last thing we need to be at this point is to become one dimensional.
  4. How good is Preston Rabb compared to Harrison Stewart? I know that so many like to compare the two because they are both two strong armed tall pocket passers, and just big guys overall. However, it will be important to see how much more mature Stewart is as a starter and his one season as a red-shirt learning to be the leader of an offense, and compare it to Rabb and how he has to go trial by fire with the Buff offense. Will be curious to see.
  5. Finally, it has been two years, but I still wonder if HC Carthel still would find it fun to give the Buffs a good tail kicking. I said it last year,and I will say it again, if I had been in his shoes, where my Father was lied about and tossed out like yesterday’s garbage, I would keep that chip on my shoulder and let them know I forgive but I won’t forget. That is coming to fruition. Colby is a good and moral man, but like the song says, human pride sings a vengeful song, and if you have ever had a loved one put through the mud like Don Carthel was, it would be personal to me too. Very personal. That said, I have never seen Coach Carthel run up the score on anyone, so I doubt that as much as he might like to, if he gets that chance, he will do the right, and tough thing.

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