Preview-Angelo State Rams @ Texas A&M-Commerce Lions

This picture accurately portrays how close Texas A&M-Commerce and Angelo State are in terms of being the best DII team in Texas and in the LSC.

This picture accurately portrays how close Texas A&M-Commerce and Angelo State are in terms of being the best DII team in Texas and in the LSC.

Well, we knew that this would be the biggest of just about every game we would have on the schedule, and no disrespect to Delta State, but this game is HUGE. National TV audience, both teams with identical records, one showing it can just run all over opponents and the other showed that their offense is indeed played by humans. It is going to be a great game. I will get into the stats and previews later, but I think that the first thing I need to address is this.

There is ZERO reservation or doubt in my mind that we should have gotten the playoff spot for the LSC. When you take a look at the entire body of work that was last season, we could have contended for a national championship. We got a Bowl, which was good in that it gave us 9 wins and one more trophy to put on the shelf, but we should have been in the playoffs. I have no idea who agreed to the silly arrangement that we have now where you can finish 4th in the conference but get to the playoffs if you win a tournament. Football should not be decided by tournaments. Most of the time is hard enough to beat a team once, let alone twice. What good is a conference championship if it gets you nowhere in the long run of competing for a national championship? Long story short, yes, we want to beat Angelo and show them we are the better team this year.

Many Angelo fans are waving the fact they got the better of us in our faces, but that is something the fans should take and not the players. A good coach is not going to get caught up in the silly antics of who got what favorable or unfavorable position somebody got. Coach Carthel I am sure was disappointed that he did not get his team into the playoffs last year, but looking at the bigger picture, he saw that he had a chance to put on a show against an over-matched East Central team and put to bed any doubts we should have been in the Division II playoffs and that is what happened.

This game gives many Division II players a chance they never get. National attention, a televised audience, playing against a quality team, and a hyped up campus all rolled into one big chance to define a season. There is no chance for redemption, last year is just that, last year. However it can help define this new season and give us the confidence booster going into tough end of season games against West Texas A&M in Canyon and a very dangerous Midwestern State team to finish the season.

I will discuss this in greater detail later in the week, but there are questions we have to answer to beat Angelo State. How do you get Kyle Washington to make mistakes? How do you make sure their offense does not eat us up like they did last year in open field? What has to be done to ensure a fast start on offense? Those are some questions that need answers and they will be discussed in a couple of days.

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