Vs. Tarleton State- Post Mortem

HC Colby Carthel Continues his domination of Tarleton State.

HC Colby Carthel Continues his domination of Tarleton State

Time to hand out report cards and trophy’s for one of the most lopsided wins in recent history against an LSC team.

  1. Offense-A Minus. Penalties killed us, but other than that, the running game continues to show how very good it is and very hard to stop. The passing game was in sync all game long, and the offenisve line just whipped Tarleton’s line the whole game. Harrison Stewart was extremely efficient passing the ball and was in complete control. One thing I believe I have to say is that averted a near disaster as he was about to get sacked, he held onto the Football when he heard foot steps and didn’t try to be a hero. Cooper and Wofford just kept doing what they have been doing all season long, and the Receivers caught what was thrown to them. They executed, just remedy the penalties and right now, it looks like the offense is unstoppable.
  2. Defense-A Plus-It is hard to shut out a team, especially one that has the same amount of players and is somewhat talented. It gets even more difficult when you remove your 1st and 2nd string players, because a lot of times, the first stringers for the other team are on the field hoping to get some points and not get totally humiliated. That did not happen Saturday as even as Colby and Deason dug deep into the roster, they got guys who wanted the shut out, and they got it.
  3. Special teams-Going to have to give them a B on this. Kris Martinez was great on his extra points, and Thrasher did well on punts, but Thrasher is getting into a bad habit that needs to be corrected, and he has booted 3 kick offs out of bounds in the past 2 games and that is a mistake that is easily correctable, but one that has to be corrected. Little thinefensegs like that can cost you a game. Thrasher never has had this problem before, so I am trying to figure out what could be causing the kicks to slice or hook, but if that does not happen, the unit gets an A again, but not until then.
  4. Coaching– A Plus- Another masterful preparation for a big game by Carthel and Crew. The one thing I absolutely love about Coach Carthel that he does in these blowout wins is that he NEVER runs up the score, and makes it a point to play everyone on the dress roster. That shows the kind of man he is as well as the kind of coach he is.

OK, MVP Time.

Offense-The Offensive Line. These guys do not get the appreciation they deserve. The rushing attack and success of the passing game is all on them. Congrats men, you all deserve this as a unit.

Defense-The entire unit. I cannot pick just one. It takes all 11 guys the entire game to shut out a team. Everyone of those guys who played deserve it.

Special teams-Buck Wilson. He continues to be a dangerous return man and he recovered a muffed kickoff in the end zone while on defense. This kid is special.

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