Previewing: Lions vs Eastern New Mexico, new polls, and ET Jerseys making a comeback.

The ET Jerseys are making a comeback.....tons of people are pumped. Me Included.

The ET Jerseys are making a comeback…..tons of people are pumped. Me Included.

I apologize for the late write up. I have had some bouts with insomnia the past few nights, but I have a day off of work today to catch up. So, here we are, 2-1, ranked 17th in the country (we will get to this in a little bit). The biggest story is the picture above. Josh Jorgensen and the atheltic department worked with Russell Athletics to finish off Ryan Ivey’s new uniform sets. Let’s face it, uniforms that are cutting edge are the thing now. Under Armour mainly started this, but Nike with Oregon’s “new uniform per game” policy, it really took it to a new level. This is something that has taken college football by storm, but you really do not see much of it on the Division II level, but this Saturday there will be throwbacks worn. The “EAST TEXAS” really is going to fire up the fan base and sure will light the fire of newer students who want to understand the moniker behind decades of success. Cannot wait.

Five thoughts to think about-

  1. Our balance is something that will help us against a good Eastern New Mexico team on offense. The good thing about what this group is doing is not riding only one horse. The passing game has been effective as has the running game, and it has been wearing teams down. Eastern is going to run the ball and run it again, and run it some more, we all know that, its important to keep their offense off the field because we all know how well they can kill clock.
  2. Defending an offense like ENMU’s is all about assignment defense. Someone has the blocker, the quarterback, and the pitchman, and it is important to flood the zones when the ball is going to be there, but making sure that a lone wideout or a tight end does not sneak out of the flats and go wide open. That is how Eastern can and will kill you on offense.
  3. Fast start is an absolute necessity if you go against a good rushing team. My money is on if Eastern wins the toss, they will want offense first to try to burn clock and get a score and force the other team into a 3 and out. We started out fast last year, that happens, we should be in good shape.
  4. Putting Eastern away when we get ahead is also a necessity. I remember in the 2013 game we had a chance to go up 2 scores late in the game. Eastern is not going to go into hurry up and get in the shotgun and throw it around, they just will not do that nor do they have the personnel to do it. The game plan last year was flawless.

    Importance of putting ENMU away quickly and taking morale out of their running game.

    Importance of putting ENMU away quickly and taking morale out of their running game.

  5. Defense and special teams are also going to play a huge role. Kickoffs and punts will have to have great coverage, and of course, snuffing out ENMU’s outside sweeps and pitches will be of utmost importance, and finally not letting ENMU’s Jeremy Burrma have time to thrown when he does pass is important. He does do it much, but when he does, he causes serious damage. Getting to him and making life uncomfortable is going to be as important as anything else.

Last, here are the national rankings for the week of 9/22/2015- Top 25 Poll
September 22, 2015

     Team Record Last Week
1 Minnesota State 3-0 1
2 Ferris State 2-0 3
3 West Georgia 3-0 2
4 Northwest Missouri 3-0 5
5 Sioux Falls 3-0 6
6 Delta State 3-0 8
7 CSU-Pueblo 2-1 9
8 North Alabama 2-0 10
9 Valdosta State 2-0 11
10 Angelo State 3-0 12
11 Colorado Mines 3-0 13
12 Pittsburg State 2-1 4
13 Harding 3-0 17
14 Slippery Rock 3-0 18
15 Michigan Tech 3-0 20
16 Minnesota Duluth 1-2 7
17 Shepherd 3-0 19
18 Texas A&M-Commerce 2-1 22
19 Lenoir-Rhyne 2-1 21
20 Ashland 3-0 NR
21 Humboldt State 3-0 24
22 Emporia State 3-0 25
23 Concord 2-1 23
24 Ouachita Baptist 2-1 15
25 Grand Valley 2-1 16

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