Texas A&M-Commerce 38, Texas A&M-Kingsville 17……..Post Mortem.

4 in a row against a blood rival.

4 in a row against a blood rival.

  1. Blah-Have you ever had a day at work where you knew that you did not have to work all that hard to get through it? You just kind of coast because you can? I kind of felt that last night regarding the game. There was not a lot of energy from what I could see. Just my opinion. The lack of execution on offense is mainly what I am talking about, or maybe it has to do with the fact we only threw the ball 22 times. I guess that was the best thing to do if you wanted to pick up a quick road win against a team that has improved vastly from last year. The running game made the game incredibly short compared to what we usually witness.
  2. Defense-When I spoke to HC Carthel 2 weeks ago I told him that I was impressed with the fact that not only is D hitting hard, but they are hitting hard AND tackling properly. The defense gets better and better every year. Really, if you look at things, the game was pretty much the same as it was last year. Offense sputters for parts of the game, and defense had big plays but gives up a couple in the process. The defense did play very well and let the offense work through their rough patches to get a good win.
  3. Patsy no more-The Hoggies proved they are no longer a patsy in the conference nor nationally, and belive you me, they will take down someone this year. They will take out either West Texas or Tarleton, and will give Angelo a good game. Do not expect them to be cellar dweller this year.
  4. Running In and out-This was a short game, it did not even take 3 hours, and that is very rare in college football these days. The game against Adams was over 3 hours, Delta State was almost a 4 hour game. Next week, we play a team that runs the ball and controls the clock. Will it be even shorter? The coaches I believe saw the fact that this would be a game that is not going to be exciting, but is going to be a game that should be won, so why not just run it, score enough and let your defense do it’s thing? Great strategy and it worked. Sometimes games do not need to be sexy to be won, just a routine in and done procedure. I’ll take this over a loss to a ranked team when you score 44, and would the coaching staff.


Offense- Solid B. They did just enough, had a couple of turnovers, but they scored 31 and killed clock to win it. What more could you ask?

Defense-A minus. They played great. Only allowed one good Kingsville drive and force a ton of 3 and outs.

Special teams-Solid B. Coverage units were great, kick off return was great yet again. Kris Martinez missed a PAT he should have hit and a FG he should have hit also. 4 point left off the board.

Coaching-Colby and Crew adapt and do what it takes to get his team prepared and put last week in the past. A Plus.


Offense-Richard Cooper and Theo Wofford both carried the offense.

Defense-Charles Woods. Overall the best effort last night, and he makes both routine plays and big plays. He is a key cog in a good defense.

Special Teams- Buck Wilson. He only returned 2 kickoffs, but he AVERAGED 36.5 per return and I have doubt had the Hoggies kicked off more, He would have returned for a lot more yards.

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