Lion Football vs McMurry-Storylines, snippets, and things that make you go hmmm…

The McMurry Warhawks come to the Blacklands on Saturday, and this is the biggest game in Commerce probably since the mid 1990’s. They are expected a record crowd to be there, perhaps more than attended the National Championship game played in December of 1972. There are a lot of storylines, so lets get to it.

Conference Championship-This is very simple. We beat McMurry, we are the uncontested and outright Football Champions of the Lone Star Conference for the first time since 1990. We need a win, and that is it. A win by 1 or by 100 gets us the gold ball. The trophy will be there and for it to be presented in Commerce will be amazing, and a great experience, but we MUST beat McMurry. I am going to say this, if we lose this game, the season will be a total failure due to what it should be in the eyes of many.

Seniors-I really am fond of this group of Seniors, and this group could produce 2 or 3 NFL players, which is huge for a program our size. Deric Davis, Tyrik Rollison, Vernon Johnson, Charlie Tu’aau, Seth Smith, and all of those guys are are just good guys and great players. To see these guys have their careers honored, have alums come into the stadium to watch them along with friends and family, and to lift a conference title trophy would be a fantastic regular season end to their career.

Homecoming-Now that TAMUC is a legitimate Football program again, it has peaked the interest of the alums, and also homecoming generally draws a big crowd anyway, but we can really break a record for attendance. There are 3 good reasons to be at this game. Alums, Senior family members, and of course the fans themselves. This is going to be big.

Tracking McMurry-McMurry is a team that can be compared to a small cunning animal. Deadly, efficiently good on offense, and dangerous. McMurry can beat anybody and do not let anyone else tell you differently. It is a huge huge deal. This group has to be on their toes and look to bury McMurry. This is the last time that they will visit Commerce as a member of the Lone Star Conference, so it will be something to look for.

Other Snippets-

Ryan Ivey and the athletic department got a sponsorship with Ben E. Keith distributors in Commerce and they sponsored these wonderful murals honoring some of the greatest players in program history that will be up on Saturday.


Also, the Lions Soccer Complex got a new scoreboard. Its pretty sweet.

The New Scoreboard at the TAMUC Soccer Complex.

The New Scoreboard at the TAMUC Soccer Complex.

Preview of the game tomorrow.

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