PLN’s the Daily Roar

Not a whole lot going on athletics wise. If you are in the Commerce area, I would suggest that one might visit the softball team’s practices and open tryouts to get a look at what next year will look like. I was told the practices are open, so with how nice it is supposed to be this weekend, get out to the Cain Complex and see what might be next year. Also, send good thoughts the way of our Track Athletes who are going to be in Austin at the Texas Relays.

University Related-

Congressman Ralph Hall, who has represented rural North and Northeast Texas for years in the 4th congressional district, will be having a Chat with University President Dr. Daniel Jones on KETR live from Washington DC on April 2nd at Noon. Here is the link for info


Congrats to University Professors Dr. Kurtis Williams and Dr. William Newton  who were awarded the Research Corporation for Science Advancement’s Cottrell College Science Program. This is a big time award for two very smart guys  in the Science department. Read the article and it gives you an indication of what quality profs all schools at TAMUC have.

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A good weekend to all.

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