Lions Fall To Texans in back and forth Affair

First, congratulations to HC Same Walker and Seniors DeVondrick Walker, Daniel Ehambe, Tyrie Wooten, Kameron Price, and Donavon Gage on their careers as Lions, but before I sound too fatalistic, we will most likely see these guys at least one more in the NCAA Division II Tournament, just due to Strength of Schedule with quality wins and close losses plus a 20 plus win season.

The turnout was great and the atmosphere was fantastic. Two schools that do like each other and two fanbases trading barbs back and forth, especially with the win we had in Football. It is great to have that rivalry with another school that is not far away.

Tarleton State is a hell of a basketball team. They are good shooters, very athletic, and just good fundamental players that are aggressive on both ends. Hat tip to those guys, and hat tip to our guys for playing them close in the two losses and beating them last weekend. Any team that can beat TSU is a good team, and if we end up going to the dance, we will have been better for it and playing the teams we have had will help keep us back on the upward trend to being a Championship Basketball program.


Roar Back Here.....

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