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Yeah, we are Lions.

Yeah, we are Lions.








Last night was a fantastic night for the Lion Basketball team. First, for those of you who I met and paid me compliments on this site, your words mean the world to me. It gives me reason and drive to continue doing what I do for this University and it’s Student Athletes. I had the pleasure of meeting several members of the Alumni Association and Boosters and they are really fantastic people. A couple of Cool Stories were getting to sit by and talk to former Lion All-American QB Bob Bounds and meeting a booster who graduated high school with my Uncle and knows my Dad very well, and had my great grandfather teach her Algebra in High School. Its a small world and I am starting to believe in the whole six degrees of separation thing.

Now to the game.

Overall, I feel like the group played very well. They never panicked even when they fell very far behind, but I will this. I do not like to blame officials, it serves no purpose whatsoever, but this group was awful last night. I have never seen a group be so one sided, and honestly, they should be glad we won, because if we had not, there would be some very angry people. Anyway, having good seats and sitting behind the bench I saw how calm and collected the group was even with ENMU shooting lights out and getting no calls to go their way. Walker saving the best for last decided to put a lot of pressure on the inbound and full court man press, and ENMU was NOT prepared for it as showed when they panicked and lost the game that way. Also, when your best scorer fouls out with 9 minutes to go, you need everything you can get, and this group stepped up. At the social, HC Walker said that this group was different in how well they play together and how mentally tough they are, and it showed.

Tonight is big, and I want a win. It is a blood rival in Tarleton State, and rest assured they have not forgotten how we had beaten them not even a week ago. I hope to be back there tonight, and it will be loud with two schools that do not like each other going at it.


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