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A Lot of Lion Pride to go Around.

A Lot of Lion Pride to go Around.

It was a fantastic weekend for TAMUC fans and athletes, here are some links, hat tip to for their write ups on the two big wins for the Basketball teams, and the spring game.

Spring Game-

Women’s Game-

Men’s Game-

Lion Football-

I got to be a part of a mini press conference after the scrimmage and Coach Carthel was gracious as always to answer some questions for PLN. Some quotes and snippets from our Head Lion-

Overall Thoughts-“I thought it was a really good clean game, we stayed healthy, which is big for us. We had a lot of fun and saw some guys step up, so it was a good game, score was 28-7 and it could have been a lot closer. We had a couple of touchdowns for the Blue that were called back, but good game overall.”

On Tyrik Rollison-“He’s not clear for live action, he has been going through 7 on 7 drills, but he is not totally clear yet for live action. His grandmother also passed away  and her funeral was today, so that is the reason you did not see him today. ”

On Quarterback Play of Harrison Stewart and Deric Davis- “It is always tough for some of these QB’s especially when you have split squads, and the offensive line and the time can be off a little bit, we are just mainly wanting to make sure they are making the right checks, reads, and decisions, and overall, I felt both played really well today.”

On Tempo-“We are a very high tempo team, and again, being a split squad, and the lineman playing on both squads and guys going in and out, we slow it down in these situations and not get too tired or hurt, so we slow it down to prevent them from just getting dog tired and also to make sure we don’t get hurt.”

On Defense- “We have been able to add some new wrinkles to the defense having returned the core of the unit, we have a good front 7, they are going to be able to get some heat on some people, and that was good to see today.”

On Special Teams- “Saul (Martinez) and Chase Thrasher can really boot it. They were booming kicks 60 yards with the wind at their back. They both did a really good job, and I think we are going to be very strong in the kicking game next year.”

On Improvements-Just more consistency. We were better today with not a lot of negative plays, so that was good, the offensive line continues to get better which improves our running game. We do have some injuries at the running back position, so we need to improve on the running game, and just coming as a team. My favorite time is the off season by getting this group together and taking it to another level.”

Coach Carthel also said that team is getting new uniforms and apparel for next year. The Blue Squad wore Old ET State Jerseys, which I LOVE, and we may see those next year. Also, while the schedule is not out yet, we open the season at home against East Texas Baptist. I love the decision to schedule these guys, my Mom graduated from ETBU in 1976, and with my Dad being a Commerce alum, I think this is something that will appeal to a lot of people, not only will this attract more student fans as this is a Thursday night game, but ETBU has a ton of players on the roster from DFW and/or North and Northeast Texas, so expect to see their parents and families make that trip. I have always wanted to have a schedule like that. Looking forward to this season for sure.

Blacklands Cafe-

KETR’s John Mark Dempsey sits down to talk with AD Ryan Ivey about the athletic program, the huge class that was signed for Football, and how our Men’s Basketball team is on the lip of the cup to make it to the NCAA Tournament-


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