Lion Track and Field Update

TAMUC Lion Track and Field Update

TAMUC Lion Track and Field Update








Shout out to both our Men’s and Women’s Track and Field Teams for a solid season so far, and apologies for just now getting around to covering them. Track and Field is a big deal at TAMUC, and always has been. If I Remember Correctly, we have more Conference titles in Track and Field for Both Men and Women in comparison to all other sports. A big sport for sure and our meet has always been a big meet in the Division II Track World, and so far both teams have had a great season. The Indoor season has been in full swing for both squads, and will cap off with the Conference Championships at Texas Tech University at their fine indoor facility. As always, ladies first.

I wanted to try to find the team results, but I guess these reporters put these detailed individual results and forget that Track is still somewhat of a team sport. (Insert Frustration Here.) Anyway, here are the snippets from Lion Athletics Results for both Men and Women.

Missouri Southern State Invitational-

Central Oklahoma Invitational-

Oklahoma Baptist University Invitational-

I highly recommend reading these, it shows a lot of steam going into the Outdoor Season.

As stated, Conference Indoor Championships are the Weekend of March 1-2.


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