Texas A&M-Commerce-31, # 20 Southeastern Louisiana-28—5 Thoughts

  1. A Defining Win-That is first and foremost what this was. A program defining win. A David Bailiff defining win. A Lion Football defining win. After a 2-2 start which saw injuries, a heartbreaking last second loss, and a few entitled players leaving the program, we now have a team that has been forged by fire that is ready to do battle WITH ANYONE on this level. This team walked into the conference favorite’s home turf, and on their homecoming defeated said ranked team. They did it by being confident and aggressive on offense, continuing their effective play on defense, and everyone else doing their jobs on special teams. It was a true team win in every sense of the words.
  2. Offense-Billy Riebock called a GREAT game. He attacked the middle, he tried to throw Southeastern off balance with multiple sets, he dialed up big plays, and when the game was on the line, he put that once in a lifetime quote to work, “FORTUNE FAVORS THE BOLD.” That killer instinct we had been talking about? He used multiple players for multiple looks and did everything he could to not show his hand. You really never knew what he was going to do. 2 thing stuck out to me. One was him calling plays from the sidelines. He did that against NAU and it worked well. I saw him on TV gathering his offense around him during timeouts and coaching them up, especially the quarterbacks, and doing so with great fire. The second thing was how he spread the field from sideline to sideline and attacked every single inch of the field. Attacking grass is what they called it, and the fact you are seeing Kenedy Snell and Jaden Proctor come out of their shells and join Andrew Armstrong and BJ Busbee in the Wideout position, they are going to be a VERY tough unit to stop.
  3. Offensive Line-They were not perfect, but they gave a tremendous effort and allowed Eric Rodriguez to stay upright and have his best game as Lion QB1. I really don’t know what else to say other than these guys get so little appreciation but they are motor that makes this engine go.
  4. Our Defense is REALLY good, and I mean REALLY GOOD. As long as our offense continues it’s upward trajectory and the defense plays like they have all year long, we are going to be able to beat ANYONE we play the rest of the year. This was our toughest game of the year, and we won it. That being said, they have to keep that focus and not rest on their laurels because a loss to McNeese next week sets them back. Enjoy the win tonight, but get ready to play for next week.
  5. To the entire staff….A Job Well Done. Everyone was ready to play, coach, and win tonight. One thing David Bailiff is very good at is preparing teams for games they are not given a chance to win in, and that is very much to his credit and the credit of his assistants. It is kind of bittersweet knowing we should be 4-1 or could be 5-0, but that was the past. 2-2 to start the season, but this game showed this is a team that can run the table in the Southland Conference. The teams that we have never played or have not played in a while are learning a few things. First, we are used to winning, and since 2013, our record is to this point is 80-27 with a lot of big wins. Our defense is talented, and our tradition is deeply rooted going back 90 years of Championship quality football. Never underestimate The Blue Gang Mentality. FCS was put on notice Saturday night, and they better recognize.

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