Texas A&M-Commerce Lions (2-2) @ # 20 Southeastern Louisiana Lions (3-2)-Storylines, Impact Players, and Stuff You Need To Know


Texas A&M-Commerce Lions (2-2)


Southeastern Louisiana Lions (3-2)

When: Saturday, October 7, 4 PM

Where: Strawberry Stadium, Hammond, Louisiana

Weather: 84°F Precipitation: 0% Humidity: 36% Wind: 9 MPH

Listen: Lion Sports Network – KETR 88.9 FM, Commerce (http://www.ketr.org) Charlie Chitwood (Play BY Play) Brock Callaway (Color/Analysis) BJ Laudermilk (Sidelines and Studio/Scores)

LIVE VIDEO: ESPN+ | https://www.espn.com/espnplus/player/_/id/cd22490a-f9bf-4606-a760-5886749022cf

LIVE STATS: https://lionsports.net/sidearmstats/football/summary

Impact Players-

  1. WR Andrew Armstrong-We need to have a big game from him and you can bet the Southeastern coaches have an eye on him. He might not get the big plays but if he can take two guys to cover him, that will open the offense up to setting up the run and also getting the ball to other wideouts.
  2. QB Eric Rodriguez-I doubt he would be ready to go if he was not truly healthy. Part of what makes him so good is his feet and quick decision making. I would argue would we would certainly be at least 3-1 and very well even 4-0 if he had not gone down during the Tennessee Tech game. If he is 100% I feel very good about our chances despite the good quality team we are playing.
  3. DB Darius Williams-The secondary could be tested with a short passing game and a quality running quarterback for SELA. This guy is a hitter and also a very disciplined tackler. He is a leader back there and is proof our defense can stack up against the best.
  4. The Kickers and Punters-This might be another game where we need the best from these guys. Adagbond, McGarry, and Martin. We need to make every extra point we get, and every field goal that we try. We need good punts that pin the offense back, and certainly good kickoffs. Special teams can win and lose the game. This is no exception.

After an off week, Southland conference play starts against the team that is picked to win the conference. After the 2-2 start, things are very much looking up for the Lions. They are healthy in both mind and body. Coach David Bailiff feels very good about the group he has to go to war with, and from the looks of things, the players who have gotten through the first 4 weeks of this season are the ones that are going to finish this fight. A win against this good Southeastern team would do wonders for this team and this program. It can be done and win against a quality Division I team would be a pleasant surprise, but certainly not a shock.

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