6 Game Balls-North American U

Nevermind the opponent, this was a VERY well played game. Time to hand out the game balls.

  1. Quarterback Zadock Dinkelmann.-Just 3 weeks ago, he was a back up tight end. Today, he got his second start and looked and played INCREDIBLY well. I feel so much better about the Quarterback situation knowing that this guy who played a terrific game is back there. 20/25 for 238 yards in only one half of play. You deserved this one, Z.
  2. Wideout Andrew Armstrong-4 receptions for 119 yards and 3 TD catches. Need I say more. He has been here before, he will be here again.
  3. Running Back JT Smith-Touched the ball only 4 times and scored touchdowns on 2 of them. Rushed for 106 yards on 3 carries. He finally got a chance to show his speed. Yeah, he is fast.
  4. Kicker Aidan Martin-He was great tonight. Kickers get overlooked so often, but when you kick the ball 10 times and AVERAGE 64 yards a kickoff with 6 touchbacks? Yeah, he is good and getting better. Welcome to the game ball circle Aidan.
  5. Quarterback Tyson Oliver-The Freshman from just down I-30 in Royse City played, and he was very confident and did a great job as QB2 tonight. He played basically the entire second half and led the Lions on 3 scoring drives, including a 5 yard touchdown run. No turnovers, made some plays, took care of the ball, ran the offense and made routine plays. Was pumped after he scored his first college touchdown. Very gusty performance. Even his incomplete passes looked really well thrown. I was impressed.
  6. The ENTIRE Defense-We have a really good defense. I will have more on this tomorrow, but the ESPN commentator discussed about the great defensive tradition we have in Commerce and called it the “Blue Gang Mentality.” These guys were terrific tonight. The Whole unit gets a game ball.

Roar Back Here.....

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