Division I Diatribes-The Anchor

Sometimes, the accomplishments of others gets lost in the shuffle or organizations. It is an easy thing to do. Just ask any boss of any big time company. There are those that might not ever get recognized for what they have done and continue to do.

For Texas A&M University-Commerce, Judy Sackfield has given her all for the past 15 years first in athletics, and now for the entire student body. Her name only gets a passing mention when administrators leave or when something has gone awry, and she is usually the person to fix it, but make no mistake about it. For better or for worse with this school, Judy Sackfield has been a strong anchor and has personally overseen so much of the transitions over the past 15 years.

She started out as an assistant athletic director and was interim athletic director for period of time whenever an athletic director would leave. She filled this role when Carlton Cooper resigned and blew town, and she filled the role when Ryan Ivey decided to take a job back home at Austin Peay University before Tim McMurray became AD. She was then promoted to University Vice President for Student Success and Dean of Students. She has more than earned this honor to represent and serve as a leader for the Lion Student Body.

Few people have worked as hard as She has to accomplish what she has had for the University, in all facets of it. Whenever Her name has been called, she has answered and performed her duties to the highest level. She deserves all the praise that can be mustered up. Conference Championships, National Championships, Academic Rankings, facility improvements, and a move to NCAA Division I, Judy Sackfield has played a role in it.

And hopefully she will for many years to come.

One thought on “Division I Diatribes-The Anchor

  1. Amen!!! Judy has devoted herself to TAMUC, always stepping up and exemplifying excellence. Besides being an administrative fixer, she is devoted to students! Students know she is a true, genuine friend. How does she have time to do all she does to make such a gigantic impact on TAMUC??

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