Texas A&M-Commerce Lions (1-1) @ Sam Houston State Bearkats (0-2)-Storylines, Impact Players, and Stuff You Need To Know.

Texas A&M-Commerce Lions


Sam Houston State Bearkats

When: Saturday, September 17, 6 PM

Where: Elliott T Bowers Stadium, Huntsville, Texas


86°F, Precipitation: 4%, Humidity: 61%, Wind: 5 mph

Listen: Lion Sports Network – KETR 88.9 FM, Commerce (http://www.ketr.org) Charlie Chitwood (Play BY Play) Brock Callaway (Color/Analysis) BJ Laudermilk (Sidelines and Studio/Scores)

LIVE VIDEO: ESPN+ | https://www.espn.com/espnplus/player/_/id/cd22490a-f9bf-4606-a760-5886749022cf

Live Stats: http://statb.us/v/tame/410319

Impact Players:

  1. DB Max Epps-This guy has been great the entire season, and if we are going to win this game, it will be because of the defense. He is a star already with his play.
  2. DL Clifford Funderburk-Another Defender who needs to bring his A-Game.
  3. DL Ben Hutch-See Above. Same Deal.
  4. WR Andrew Armstrong-He has been the best reciever this year, we need him to play up and play big Saturday.
  5. WR BJ Busbee-So far, he is the Robin to Armstrong being Batman in the Wideout group, but this guy is a playmaker. We need this guy at full throttle.
  6. WR/RB JT Smith-Get the ball in his hands and let him do some work. One way or another.
  7. RB Spencer Long-He had his coming out party last week. The kid is a natural born football player. He can block, tackle, run, catch, whatever. We need the grit he brings to the table.
  8. Punter Mitchell McGarry-This might be a game where the offense sputters and his ability to flip field is absolutely a necessity to have. It might keep us in the game, or even save it.

Storylines-For those who do not know, we have lost QB Jagger LaRoe. He left the program earlier this week. We have no idea why and won’t speculate as to why. That leaves us a big problem if Eric Rodriguez cannot go. Zadock Dinkleman is QB3 but moved to Tight end to play more, and Ja’ive Magalie may or not be ready to go. Tyson Oliver might be the one guy we can turn to. Who we trot out tomorrow, we have no idea, but I do not know this, the offensive staff is on the hot seat with the fan base after the way the game turned out last week. If the offense can at least improve, we have a decent shot at the upset. At this point, we are looking for improvement and the ability to be competitive.

What if we can win this game? We can. I do believe that. Regardless of who is under center, a Win would do so much for us. Sam Houston is struggling on offense right now, and yes I know, their losses have come to Texas A&M and Northern Arizona, but for right now, we can compete. It just important that the Lions do their jobs, play hard, coach hard, and let the chips fall where they may. This is a measuring stick game for sure.

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