Texas A&M-Commerce Lions (1-0) @ Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles (0-1)-Storylines, Impact Players, and Stuff You Need To Know


Texas A&M-Commerce Lions (1-0)


Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles (0-1)

When: Saturday, September 10, 6 PM

Where: Tucker Stadium, Cookeville, Tennessee

Weather: 73 and Overcast at Kickoff, Precipitation: 24%, Humidity: 87%, Wind: 3 mph


Listen: Lion Sports Network – KETR 88.9 FM, Commerce (http://www.ketr.org) Charlie Chitwood (Play BY Play) Brock Callaway (Color/Analysis) BJ Laudermilk (Sidelines and Studio/Scores)

Watch: ESPN+ | https://www.espn.com/watch/player/_/eventCalendarId/401421125?gameId=401421125&sourceLang=en&om-navmethod=espn%3Aglobalsearch%3Aresults
LIVE STATS: http://statb.us/v/tame/410451

Impact Players-

  1. QB Eric Rodriguez-After accounting for over 300 yards of total offense by himself, Rodriguez comes into the game the starting QB after Jagger LaRoe was pulled after 3 series in last week’s win over Lincoln University. Rodriguez will probably have to use his feet a lot more as he will face a tougher defense than what he faced last week.
  2. WR Andrew Armstrong-He had a terrific game last week, and he needs to be there for his QB and his offensive teammates. Again, tougher defense will require a tougher effort.
  3. WR/Returner JT Smith-Last week, Lincoln had multiple DB’s on Smith trying to cover him and his speed. If he serves his purpose, which is to scare the wits out of a defensive coordinator and a secondary, expect the offense to open up, especially if he takes two players with him. Also, we will need his explosiveness on the kickoff returns.
  4. DL Clifford Funderburk-He needs to get into the Eagle backfield and make life tough for their backfield.
  5. DL Ben Hutch-Like Funderburk, holding the D-Line and making life hard for the Eagle backfield and offensive line is what needs to happen.
  6. Punter Mitchell McGarry-Last week McGarry got to enjoy the game after just one punt. He will probably be tasked with more chances to punt. If he punts well to flip field position, it will be a big boost for the defense, especially if his punts had the hang time they did last week.
  7. PK Emmanuel Agdabon-I met this guy last week after the game, and he is a great guy, but with all due respect to him, I hate field goals, but we might need them. Last year, Jake Viquez single handedly won a game with his 4 field goals against Colorado State-Pueblo. If our offense sputters for whatever reason but gets close enough, his leg might be the difference.


Well, last week it was our first game as a Division I school. This is our first game playing another Division I school as a Division I school. We played these guys before, actually 70 years ago and buried them, and it was the best team our school has ever sported. That said, the almost 700 mile trip to the hills of East Tennessee will be a tougher test, but this is a very winnable game for the Lions. A win, regardless of how it is done, will do wonders for the confidence of this team, especially heading into a HUGE game against Sam Houston next Saturday. The fact that we have an excellent change to head into October at 3-1 or maybe even 4-0 should be enough motivation to play hard and execute the way they did last week.

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