Lion Football 2022 Week 7 Preview: VS. Houston Baptist

In 2012, it was announced that Houston Baptist University would have their first season as a football program in the fall of 2013. That meant they needed a schedule, and in their attempt to make things look good, they needed some cupcakes, and really, you can’t blame them. They reached out to a Texas A&M-Commerce football program that had gone 2-18 the past two seasons and scheduled them for their first homecoming game.

Fast forward about a year, and Texas A&M-Commerce is 7-3 and has massively improved. In front of the 3,000 fans at Strake Jesuit’s Crusader Stadium, HBU’s temporary home, Harrison Stewart threw for 383 yards and 4 touchdowns and after 2 quarters, the Lions led 41-14. The score at the final gun was a 55-21 Lions route against a Division I School to ruin their fourth homecoming that season of another opponent.

That is all the history The Lions have against Houston Baptist. Since that meeting in the fall of 2013, The Lions have won 70 some odd games, won 3 conference titles, a National Championship, and have had 8 straight winning seasons and 7 postseason appearances. HBU has not had quite the luck. Let’s take a further look.

When: Saturday, October 22, 2 PM

Where: Ernest Hawkins Field at Memorial Stadium-Commerce

About HBU-

Mascot: Huskies

Location: Houston, Texas

Distance From Commerce: 310 Miles

Enrollment: 4,120

2021 Record: 0-11

Head Coach: Vic Shealy, 8 Seasons, 19-70 overall record.

Overview: Heading into the 2020 season, HBU had just finished their best season ever, at 5-7. They also had a DYNAMITE quarterback in Bailey Zappe (pictured on the article) and one of the best young and up coming playcallers in Zack Kittley (who coached Patrick Mahomes at Texas Tech and under Kliff Kingsbury as well at Tech). Speaking of Tech, Zappe and the Huskies opened the shortened 2020 season by almost beating the Red Raiders in Lubbock behind Zappe’s arm and Kittley’s play calling. However, Zappe transferred to Western Kentucky and Kittley went with him. Kittley is back on the South Plains as Texas Tech’s offensive coordinator and Zappe is with the New England Patriots. HBU was testing the waters that season to see if they might go FBS to a place like Conference USA.

Based on what has happened since then, it might be a wise thing to tap the breaks on that. Huskies head coach Vic Shealy is man who has won at the small school level before. He led Azusa Pacific to the 1998 NAIA National Championship, so he has won before, but his time at HBU has been tough. His resume is impressive though. He has coached at places such as Baylor, Air Force, UNLV, and Kansas as an assistant. He has been around and can win but it seems like every time HBU takes a step forward, they takes 2 back because they lose either promising young coaches or stud players. Last season was misery for the Huskies who went 0-11.

I would not write off HBU because this is the same team that walked in Lubbock’s Jones AT&T Stadium and almost beat Texas Tech. Granted, that Tech team was awful and coached by Matt Wells, and coordinated by David Yost. However, you would figure that a Power 5 FBS school would just have more horses and thats pretty much what happened in that game. Trust me, I watched it.

With this game being our Homecoming, and also the week we honor the 1972 National Championship team, this should be a game that the Lions win comfortably. Maybe a blowout if they play well, but one thing I have seen about HBU in all 4 games I have watched is that they play hard whether they are at home or not. In case someone has already marked this as automatic win, someone needs to send them tape of the 2020 Texas Tech game and show them how a gritty Husky team almost shocked the college football world. This is a mentality game, and the Huskies cannot be overlooked, winless record or not.

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