Lion Football 2022: Week 5 Preview @ Southeastern Louisiana

The Lions’ week 5 opponent will bring a huge challenge and just two weeks after playing their biggest opponent in recent history. The Lions will head south to Hammond, Louisiana where they will face off with the team favored to win the Southland Conference, the Southeastern Louisiana Lions. Let’s take a quick look-

When: Saturday, October 8, 4 PM

Where: Strawberry Stadium, Hammond, Louisiana

About SEU-

Mascot: Lions

Location: Hammond, Louisiana

Distance From Commerce: 450 Miles

Enrollment: 14,300

2021 Record-9-4, Lost in FCS Second Round to James Madison

Head Coach: Frank Sceflo, 4 Seasons, 25-19 Record.

Overview: First off, there is nothing more insulting than being scheduled as a school’s homecoming game, but that is what we will be on this fine day in Louisiana. We probably will be for a few others as well, but this is a good team we are facing. They have proven themselves to be playoff quality team most of the time they strap up the pads. They also have shown to be one of the upper echelon teams in the SLC for a while and are not afraid to take on big name FBS schools, like when they went to Death Valley to face LSU. The past 3 seasons have all been winning records and while they did not qualify for the 2020 FCS playoffs due to COVID, they still had a winning record, and made the playoffs in the other 2 seasons. This team has expectations on it as well. Russ wrote about the Sam Houston game being a measuring stick, but this is another game that fits into that category. This is right now by all the prognosticators the best team in the Southland and we have to go into their territory to face them in front of fans and alums. This one will not be easy. I will go ahead and say this, I feel like we will go 8-4 this year, and this game is one of those that fall into the probable loss category. I am not going to Vegas on that because I never bet against my own team and it would not shock me if we go down there and win one either. Ask me in about a month and half how I feel about the matchup because we are in now coming into uncharted territory, playing a Division I School on their home turf when it matters. The days of heading to Huntsville, Nacagdoches, or any Division I school and it not counting are over. They all matter from this point forward and it starts on October 8, 2022.

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