Lion Football 2022: Week 1 Preview-VS. Lincoln University (California) Oaklanders

When: Thursday, September 1, 7 PM

Where: Ernest Hawkins Field at Texas A&M-Commerce Memorial Stadium

Overview: Our first game as a Division I school will be a cupcake. One of the great things about being Division I is that you get some of these sometimes. I looked at who Texas, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech will be opening with to start their respective seasons. A&M plays Sam Houston, Texas plays Louisiana-Monroe, while Tech plays Murray State. I wouldn’t call any of these teams scrubs except Murray State, but every team is playing a team underneath them in conference standing. Sam Houston is FCS like we are, as is Murray State, and ULM is a non-power 5 school. When a team becomes a Division I School, it gets rights and privileges. Right now, we are not in the position to play an FBS power 5 school. It will happen at some point, but just not right now. The first game needs to be someone we should blow out and handle easily because that is what you need in your first game with new personnel on offense, defense, and special teams because the next week is a trip to the great and beautiful state of Tennessee to take on a historic foe in Tennessee Tech. Great chance to look at what you have against a somewhat competent Lincoln Team.

About the Oaklanders-

2021 Record-1-9

The Oaklanders are a 3rd year team that will be probably in NCAA Division III as they are in somewhat of a transition period themselves, but their University has existed for almost a century. Lincoln has picked up some decent players but they have been playing teams in every Division from NAIA to Division I FCS. Last season they defeated an NCAA Division III school in Willamette University and almost defeated another Division III school Whitworth dropping a last second 31-29 decision to that team (who finished 7-3 in 2021). Then, they started to play a couple of FCS schools and then played some former LSC foes and it was not a pleasant tour for the Oaklanders. Their closest game was when they scored 21 against Texas A&M-Kingsville (I had to laugh at that one, because it is Kingsville of course). Right now, they are in the “taking the beatings for money” stage. I do believe once they get the money they need to run a program and schedule some teams that are NCAA Division III or a local NAIA football conference, but chances of that happening are slim with the lack of football teams that are in the NAIA on the west coast. They just need time like UT-Permian Basin did when they started a football program. That being said, this game will probably be over at halftime.

About LU-California-

Distance from Commerce-1,755 Miles

Lincoln University California was founded in 1919 and is based in Oakland, California in the San Fransisco Bay area. It has an enrollment of roughly 1,000 students at last census and is known for it’s business programs. It had the the third highest ranked MBA program in the Bay Area, behind academic powerhouses Cal-Berkley and Stanford. Pretty impressive. As one can tell, they are building a new athletic department from the ground up but I do believe you will see more of them in the future.

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