Thank You, Tim McMurray

This past week was one we all knew could come at any time, but one that you hope never does. For Brian and I personally, it comes from a time when the people in charge just didn’t leave. In my time, assistants would come and go, but people like Ernest Hawkins and Boley Crawford were constants. They were always there, and you knew what they thought and where they stood on things. That was then, though, and as the days pass, things are bound to change. The landscape of college athletics has changed so much, and continues to constantly.

Since he arrived in Commerce in 2015, Tim McMurray was a whirlwind of activity. He saw what needed to be done, waded in with both feet and without fear, and get accomplished what was needed. No matter the sport, facilities, uniforms, schedules, scholarships, or funding – Tim McMurray, as my father used to say, “made a hand.”

Tim was not without his critics. Any person in a high-profile position like his is. No matter how personal or unfounded they might have been, he handled each one with a class and dignity that defied logic. He would talk with and listen to anyone, and that person, no matter the issue, would get a detailed and logical answer and explanation. He has a wealth of knowledge and limitless amount of patience. That, I can attest to personally.

Tim was one of our earliest supporters here at The Wire, and always answered a phone call or text. He always gave us a heads up on things that were on the horizon, and he always had an encouraging word or comment. Even when we got very critical and tough, especially this past season, he never batted an eye, and when we thought we should be walking on eggshells around him, Tim’s only response was a complement that we were “firm but fair.” To this day, it is the highest praise we have received, by far.

All that kindness, dignity, and class, however, is just a cover for a character that is as tough as nails. He has certain standards and principles, and sticks to them, without question. In that respect, he is exactly like Ernest Hawkins. What you see is what you get, and you know where you stand. I found out about that character firsthand. I took advantage of a trust that Tim had placed in Brian and I once. It was a situation without any ill intent, and when I approached Tim afterwards, he let me know about it. Directly and in no uncertain terms. Needless to say, I left in a hurry. On may way back to Houston, sure enough, my phone rang, and it was Tim. He explained what I had done wrong, and that there were certain rules and policies that we all had to follow. He told me not to worry, just don’t do it again. With that call, things had been addressed, and all was forgiven. A class move by a class person.

We don’t know what’s next in store for the McMurray family, but wherever he goes, the school that gets him will be getting one of the best in the business.

Thank You.

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